Spotlight on KimXi

Following the success of their first team-up, KimXi’s next project was another primetime show called, Ina, Kapatid, Anak. A month before the show ended Kim was reunited with her long-lost mother, Louella, who was comatose due aneurysm in a hospital in Cebu. Not wanting to miss any moment with her mother, Kim would fly almost every other day from Cebu—to take care of her mother and back again in Manila, to finish taping for IKA. On June 23, Kim’s biological mother passed away. Ever supportive of Kim on and off cam, Xian with the help of his mother, immediately purchased a ticket to Cebu – at first not knowing where to go or how, but with a help from Kim’s sister, he took the first flight to Cebu and was at Kim’s side by the time she woke up.

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