Spotlight on Rayver Cruz

Rayver first made a mark in the TV scene by appearing on a number of notable commercialsinitially with his brother Rodjun and eventually alone.

Among those projects was a TV commercial for a renowned food brand, a telecommunications company's prepaid call card and a chocolate drink. | @rayvercruz

Although Rayver was known for his undeniable charm and talent, much of what he has, according to him, in a way, comes from his genes.

Not too many know that Rayver actually hails from the famed Cruz showbiz clan that has produced few of the industry's acclaimed actors and singers like Geneva Cruz, Donna Cruz, Sunshine Cruz and Tirso Cruz III, among others. | @rayvercruz

With showbiz genes and innate talent fueling him, it did not come especially surprising for then young Rayver to be discovered into becoming a full-fledged showbiz personality.

The person who made that possible almost two decades ago was his manager Albert Chua.

Tito Albert, as what Rayver calls his second father, has been with him as he conquered milestone after milestone in showbiz. | @rayvercruz

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