Spotlight on Rayver Cruz

Many have come to admire his smooth and powerful dance moves onstage, but Rayver Cruz is so much more than that. This time, he is finally embracing the other talent that he has not really show but has been actually running in the veins of their famous Cruz clan. Discover more about Rayver, the recording artist over the weekend!
For years, Raymond Oliver Cruz Illustre or Rayver Cruz, has held the title of being the performer who could heat up the dance floor with his sleek and sometimes buwis buhay stunts that got jaws dropping and admiration skyrocketing. But what many do not know is that Rayver actually has a less than popular talent that he has been showcasing more in his Kapamilya tours abroad. It was through his singing performances on international tours, which he often does with his good friends that paved the way for a new phase in his career to blossom that of a recording artist.

Rayver, as well as those close to him, points his performances at Cache Creek Casino in California last year as a pivotal point in this new phase in his life. | @rayvercruz

However, what many do not know was that Rayver has actually been showcasing his singing prowess locally and publicly a number of times in the past.

The most notable performance however happened two years ago, during his dear friend, Maja Salvadors first-ever concert titled Maj The Legal Performer at the Music Museum.

During the said show, Maja introduced her bro as someone who is Magaling siyang kumanta pero ayaw niyang i-push!

In what could be seen as pure faith on his talent, Maja even tapped Rayver to be part of her second album Maja In Love for a duet on the song Hiling. | @rayvercruz @iammajasalvador
Rayver, who is the youngest between Melody Beth Cruz and Rodolfo Ilustre Sr.s three sons, was the second to join the show business in their family. The first one was his older brother Rodjun Cruz.

To date, Rayver has been active in the business for more than two decades. But what not many know is that Rayver first revealed his inclination to be part of showbiz to his family.

His mother was eager enough to share the characteristics that made her believe that Rayver was cut for the entertainment business. | @rayvercruz
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