Spotlight on Julia Montes

Mara Clara opened doors of oppurtunity for the lead stars. They became household names and soon were tapped by companies to endorse products and services, be that solo or with them together. These endorsements made it possible for Julia to finance her first dream for the family: a home of their own.


It was 2013 when Julia turned 18. Preparations were underway months before the special event. Julia finally settled on a Midsummer Night's Fantasy Dream Theme. Cristine Ong-Te headed the team transforming Fernwood Gardens to fit the theme and accommodate 500 guests. Julia's special gown was made by Pepsi Herrera. On yhe big night, Julia slowly descended from a swing adorned by flowers while singing "The Climb". She was overwhelmed seeing her star-studded birthday. Friends from when she started came ang celebrated with her including veteran actresses Ms. Helen Gamboa and Ms. Susan Roces. Tulips replaced the usual Rose for her special dance with 18 men. One of the highlights was when Julia danced with escort, Coco Martin. A very close friend and on screen partner at that time. Though her father didn't appear, a special vtr from her Star Magic father, Mr. M was played. Julia is now set to conquer even more challenges seeing the love of her family and people around her in showbiz.

Julia turns 21. What would you like to wish for her on her special day? Please write them on the comments below. Again, Happiest Birthday to you, Julia and more blessings to come! Cheers!.
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