LOOK: Liza & Enrique celebrate their ‘anniversary’

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“Happy Anniversary Forevermore!”

This was Liza Soberano’s caption in her photo having a dinner date with love team partner Enrique Gil. The two posted photos of their intimate celebration together on their respective Instagram accounts, spreading super ‘kilig’ vibes to everyone.

It has been 4 years since Liza and Enrique had their debut as the tandem LizQuen on the phenomenal romantic drama series titled Forevermore. It was in 2014 when LizQuen first captured our hearts by giving life to the story of Maria Agnes Calay and Alexander “Xander” Grande III. Forevermore made a deep impact not only to fellow Filipinos, but also the international audience. It was aired and loved in Cambodia, Vietnam and in some places in Africa.

After their sensational debut, LizQuen once again starred in the 2016 romantic drama series titled Dolce Amore. Liza portrayed the character of Serena Marchesa, a kind-hearted girl who is very humble in spite of being raised like a princess by her adoptive parents. Enrique then played as Simon Vicente “Tenten” Ibarra, Serena’s love interest who was poor but was later revealed to be the real son of Serena’s adoptive mother.

LizQuen also portrayed main roles in the recent drama fantasy series titled Bagani. Liza’s role was a farmer hero from the Farm Region named Ganda, while Enrique’s role Lakas was a warrior hero from the Desert Region.

In between their series, LizQuen top billed some of the hit romantic drama films such as “Just the Way You Are,” “Everyday I Love You” and “My Ex and Why’s.”

Celebrating all their success and how much they have grown as a love team, Liza and Enrique posted some words of appreciation for each other on their respective Instagram accounts. To Liza, Enrique said: “What is life without love? Nothing that’s why you’re my Everything”. And to Enrique, Liza said: “Never rush something you want to last forever. Grateful to have someone like you in my life.”

Liza and Enrique have indeed gone a long way and surely, the best is still yet to come for them.

Cheers to LizQuen!