Francine Diaz, Seth Fedelin test each other’s trust, convincing skills in fun “Bag of Lies” game

After getting busy with their projects together and apart, not to mention being hailed as the newest onscreen pair to ship in the upcoming ABS-CBN series “Dirty Linen,” The Gold Squad members Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin recently delighted their fans when they made a comeback in the official YouTube channel of Squad Plus for its latest episode.

But aside from simply making us kilig with their noteworthy chemistry, they also put a dash of fun to their return by taking on the popular “Bags of Lie Challenge.” In this game, they’re trust in each other, as well as their convincing skills, were tested as they had to let one another guess the random items contained in each of the nine bags. Player 1 will try to tell what’s inside the bag by describing it. Player 2, on the other hand, will try to guess whether Player 1 is telling facts or lies.

Once Player 2 was able to correctly guess that Player 1 was only bluffing or telling a lie, point will be given to him/her. Meanwhile, if Player 1 was able to successfully trick Player 2, point will be on him/her.

They were seated on both sides of the table with a barrier situated between them to hide from each other the objects they were picked. The first one to take his turn as Player 1 was Seth after winning the bato-bato-pik game they played before beginning the challenge. Among the objects that he had picked for Francine to guess were eggplant, disposable toilet seat cover, mini dustpan, hair rollers, and sauce boat or pourer.

For Francine, she picked soju, pacifier, horse, and ice pop, to which Seth believed that she was being true to him all the time.

In the end, it was Chin who won after getting 5 points, while Seth only got 4. Find out how FranSeth took on this fun game by watching this video!