SethDrea, KyCine do makeup tutorial with a twist

Before we get to see them in their upcoming series Huwag Kang Mangamba, the adorable Gold Squad of Kadenang Ginto rang in 2021 by delighting us with an exciting and hilarious video blog uploaded on their official YouTube channel “The Squad Plus”.

In this episode, they made us smile and our hearts flutter as they did two different makeup tutorials, but with a totally ridiculous twist. Instead of the usual setup wherein the girls would do it to themselves, it were Seth Fedelin and Kyle Echarri who became the handsome muses of Andrea Brillantes and Francine Diaz. Both of them were given twenty minutes each to finish and demonstrated different techniques.

The first one to take on the challenge was Team SethDrea, after Andrea lost to Francine in their “rock-paper-scissors” game. When the former asked their companions who they thought should be the peg of Seth’s makeover, Francine suggested famous Hollywood personality Kylie Jenner to which both Seth and Drea enthusiastically agreed.

On the other hand, Francine initially opted for a “no-makeup makeup look” by starting off with the usual skincare regimen she swears by to achieve her glass skin. However, Kyle insisted on wanting to have some shimmer on his face, so she obliged by dabbing glittery eyeshadow on his eyelids.

Even though both their partners gave them a hard time in dolling them up because of their naughtiness and funny side comments, Andrea and Francine were still able to accomplish the challenge and truly impressed everyone with the eye-catching results, even the boys themselves. Seth and Kyle certainly won our hearts with their gorgeous transformation from dashing lads to pretty muses!

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