Get to know the newest members of The Squad Plus joining SethDrea and KyCine!

Six girls and six boys applied for membership and got in today’s most popular teen squad!

The Gold Squad comprised of Andrea Brillantes, Seth Fedelin, Francine Diaz, and Kyle Echarri will be called “The Squad Plus” from now on as they recruit twelve new members to join them in their ‘barkada.’  In these videos, we’ll get to know the lucky 12 as they share trivia bits about them!

The well-loved quartet found their new gal pals in Alyanna Angeles, Sam Cruz, Angelica Lao, Anji Salvacion, Danica Ontengco, and Margaux Montana and bros in Renshi de Guzman, KD Estrada, Jimuel Pacquiao, Nio Tria, Raven Rigor, and Lance Carr.


All grown up, the former child star surprised everyone with her stunning transformation. Now, she’s ready to explore teenage land with her new buddies. Alyanna has been acting for eight years now, with her portrayal as the young Kim Chiu in Ikaw Lamang as among her recent projects. She used to struggle in speaking Filipino and reading her scripts, having English as her mother tongue. If you wish to make her happy, bring her Filipino food especially sinigang. But, she can be extra careful with her dietary choices due to intolerance with chicken and seafood. Don’t expect her to be up early because this girl is a certified night owl. She’s also a fur mom! Her idea of fun would have to be swimming at the beach, watching horror movies, and staging her own vocal concert at home (in the bathroom, she said). Boys, play some old songs and you’ll surely win her attention.


This 16-year-old beauty is the perfect blend of sporty and girly. She’s into swimming and playing volleyball and badminton. She can also slay the runway, having won modelling competitions since the age of 13. It’s no surprise she loves fashion and DIY-ing her clothes. Add cooking to her long list of talents! This gastronomic passion doesn’t make her a picky eater, so she’d be up even for a streetfood date. Just don’t let her travel alone because she doesn’t know how to commute.

Music makes her day perfect, so play that Blackpink track on! Apart from the four-piece Korean girl group, she also loves listening to Taylor Swift and Zhavia Ward. Take a peek into her TikTok videos and you’ll fall in love with her even more!   


This Siargao native is ready to ride along the waves of stardom. She rose to online popularity when her audition for “Idol Philippines” went viral. She currently performs on ASAP Natin ‘To. The quirky gal loves waking up early but she can’t take cold morning baths. She has a birthmark underneath the spine. Anji is the type of girl who can make fun of herself without looking awkward – just plain hilarious. She would flaunt her toes, proud and amused of their weird shapes, and was close to showing off her bad nose-picking habit. This girl, also with a nail-biting habit, said she’s scared of rats. She is easily startled, so always keep her company during horror movie nights. She can’t sleep without rubbing her feet on a mosquito net. Do you think she really has an annoying laugh?


Danica’s friends say she has this intimidating demeanor but she swears she’s friendly and approachable. Her buddies also call her ‘daga’ because of her tiny, high-pitched squeal. This Virgo babe is ambitious and a real goal-digger. She loves to travel and all sorts of adventures. She’s game for gaming. Having a heart for music, Danica plays the guitar and ukulele. Binge-watching is her thing and Mamma Mia is her ultimate obsession. A social media influencer on the side, she started vlogging at the age of 10.


This 16-year old commercial model also dreams to become a chef someday. Clowns may be laughing matters to some but never to Margaux who is coulrophobic. She’s a devoted cat lover and fan of music. This Lany and BTS fan can also carry a tune. Margaux always looks so fresh with her long hair which she only cuts once a year because she’s scared to chop it off too short. Make her smile with a classic serving of ‘sinigang’ but make sure not to include ‘okra’ in the dish.


The doors of showbiz have always been open to Sam and people knew it’s only a matter of time until she gets in. As one-third of Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano’s tres marias, Sam can carry a tune like her parents and sisters. She said her mother inspires her to do entertaining things.   The 16-year-old newcomer is a fur mom to six dogs. She loves watching scary movies and listening to RNB and Rock. Eraserheads and The Beatles will always have a space in her playlist. She also loves to chill with baking and cooking, and bond with her sisters over late-night spicy food trip. Sam has a big appetite for street food like fish ball, balut, and kwek-kwek. On top of her travel bucket list is the romantic city that is Rome, which she thinks is the best place for pigging out on pizza and pasta.


He’s Emmanuel Pacquiao, Jr. by birth, nicknamed Jimuel out of the combination of his parents’ names. It’s no secret that Jimuel is molded by his parents Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao into a God-fearing, spiritually-devoted young man. More than this good boy image, Jimuel can be a badass inside the boxing ring and in the field of swimming, basketball, and chess (where he used to be a varsity player for). Outside the sports arena, he’s also a gamer and a band member. He even knows how to play the guitar and saxophone.

He calls himself an introvert, a shy type often caught silent. But try to get to know him better and you’ll see his fun, makulit side. He loves caldereta and binge-watching his favorite movies and series (Supernatural is on top of the list). The open ocean is the scariest place for him, thinking there might be crawly, monstrous creatures of the deep hiding underneath. But that doesn’t stop him from enjoying beach getaways and water activities with his family.


The squad is blessed with music mavens, which makes us look forward to more chill jamming sessions in the coming days. Here’s KD, a young singer and songwriter who couldn’t seem to live without music. He took guitar-playing lessons five years ago and would like to follow in the footsteps of his idols Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran. KD can perform in front of a huge crowd, three song numbers on his first gig at the Cuneta Astrodome. But he can’t stand closed spaces — he’s a claustrophobic.

Besides his wealth of musical talent, he’s got some basketball powers to showcase as well. He once played for the San Beda Alabang basketball team. This cute guy also has the skills for fashion and styling. And he can cook! Pasta is his special dish. Be kind to him by not serving him shrimp or it will trigger his allergy. Lastly, KD has an eye for real beauty, naming Nadine Lustre as his ultimate crush.


This Atenista loves to channel school spirit by going for all things blue, his favorite color. A sporty guy, Lance dreams to become a professional basketball player someday and is also into tennis and volleyball. This former PBB housemate is born and raised in Davao City but is of Spanish and American descent. Always up for adventure, he will never say ‘no’ to biking, mountain climbing, beach getaways, and traveling, listing down Japan and Korea as his top travel destinations.

Tickle his taste buds by serving him Indian cuisine. He is so in love with spices and strawberries as well (strawberry taho, strawberry ice cream, just anything strawberry). He can’t even resist girls with that scent. Lance, or Tisoy to his childhood pals, dreams of a dance collab with his idol, Enrique Gil, and maybe hold his own dance concert someday. He has a huge crush on Blackpink’s Lisa and loves listening to chill music.


The unico hijo of actress Cherry Pie Picache, Nio treats his mom like his best friend. He can get completely honest with her about anything but acting, music, and tennis are their favorite topics. This tennis champ is ranked No. 2 by the Philippine Tennis Association and as among the top 200 junior tennis players by the International Tennis Federation. These achievements make his words about practicing hard work and perseverance an honest claim. But he isn’t just work and no chill. He’s on TikTok and he loves to rap, apart from listening to OPM bands. Nio got some cooking skills to offer and he can make the best ‘bulalo.’ Show him some love by gifting him something to add to his Funkopop collection. He loves milk tea and popcorn.


Raven has a thirst for life and its adrenaline-gushing adventures. And like a little kid, he wears his scars (like the one he got from a mountain biking mishap) like badges of honors. He’s a guy who will always be up for outdoor activities. But when cooped up inside the house, he spends time reading novels and manga. He thinks numbers aren’t his best friends (yup, he hates Math) but considers Biology as his favorite subject. He owned up to being a night owl and a procrastinator, saying he excels more when doing things at the last minute. He dislikes lechon but loves sushi. Do you know someone who doesn’t drink cold water? Now, you know one in Raven. This shy guy has a huge crush on Blackpink’s Jennie.


Cue in the 80s music for Renshi, a happy-go-lucky guy who’s into video games, cars, and motorcycles. He even went on a 600 km motorcycle adventure ride last time. His heart also beats for movies, series, and anime (One Piece is his favorite). He cooks as pastime. Calling himself adventurous, he loves to travel and explore unfamiliar places. Fans of indie movies would know Renshi for his roles in the films “Class of 2018” and “The Boy Foretold by the Stars.” He’s also part of the BL series “In Between.”

The Squad Plus is an exciting mix of old and new faces, all up for some barkada fun and adventures! Show them some love by supporting their future projects and online content.