Thrilling “Sino Ang Maysala” pilot pulls in high ratings
Thrilling Sino Ang Maysala pilot pulls in high ratings 1

Viewers nationwide tuned in to the exhilarating premiere of ABS-CBN’s newest crime-drama series “Sino Any Maysala?: Mea Culpa” after it recorded a national TV rating of 22.2% on Monday (April 29), according to data from Kantar Media.

The episode, which let viewers in on the lives of six friends and law students who became involved in a crime, scored higher than its rival program “Love You Two’s” 13.9%.

Aside from drawing TV viewers, “Sino Ang Maysala?” also lured netizens as they posted praises online while watching the show. The hashtags #SAMGabiNgKrimen and #SinoAngMaySala reached the top trending spots on Twitter, as some users called the pilot episode “super intense,” “bold,” “exciting, and “a masterpiece.”

The pilot offering followed law students Juris (Bela Padilla), Andrei (Tony Labrusca), Gaylord (Sandino Martin), Greco (Kit Thompson), Lolita (Ivana Alawi), and Bogs (Ketchup Eusebio) on their trip to Baguio, where they intended to celebrate after five of them passed the bar.

In the middle of their celebration, their road trip became a scene of a crime after they hit a woman who died from the impact. After arguing over whether to leave their victim or take responsibility for the crime, the majority of the group voted to bury the body along with the truth.

Along with the truth, they take with them the baby who had been carried by their victim – the daughter of farmer Fina (Jodi Sta. Maria).

To what lengths will Juris and friends go to protect themselves and hide their dark secret? Will Fina ever be reunited with her child?