Off cam: Since I Found You cast taking the romance and comedy to Instagram

Time flies by so fast. With only until this Friday before we have to say our farewells to the cast of Since I Found You, every moment needs to be cherished. Including these moments from Piolo Pascual’s Instagram story featuring Alessandra De Rossi and leading lady Arci Muñoz.

Who could ever forget the very first night they met each other at a club. Dani dropped the line “Gusto mo ba ng love?” to promote a particular brand of cigarettes, and clearly foreshadowing their future romance. Before we knew it, sparks were flying everywhere. All seemed like rainbows and butterflies, until Ginno (JC De Vera) came into the picture. There was the devastating break-up we wish we could forget, then second chances were in the air. Finally, here they are engaged.

These love birds are so head over heels, but the best part is probably that the kilig is there even when the cameras aren’t rolling. Piolo and Arci are always goofing off on set and just can’t seem to get enough of each other.

One person who has personally witnessed all their ups and downs is Janice. As the epitome of an ideal secretary, she’s has proven to be dependable and loyal without a doubt. On top of this, Janice is truly an inspirational woman as she continues to balance her career and being a single mom.

While she juggles these two priorities, we have rarely seen Janice let loose on the show. But that’s not stopping Alessandra from cracking a couple of knock knock jokes for “muscle”, even if her audience thought it was waley. She also cleverly thought to combine these puns with the latest “lomi” dance trend, as in “Kiki, do you lomi?”