Move on from a heartbreak with these Since I Found You hugot memes

Heartbroken? Feeling the worst after that break-up—something you didn’t see coming?  Sadly, that’s part of falling in love: the high probability of losing it.

But even though the hurt is unbearable, you know you are not alone and finding the best way to deal with it through these amusing hugot Kapamilya Relate memes from Since I Found You published on the ABS-CBN Official Facebook Page could maybe ease the pain.

You simply cannot ignore how love hits you at first glance, makes you enjoy each moment as if there’s no tomorrow, and yet after the exhilaration and the ecstasy of being in love, you suddenly fall face first on the ground.

You feel hurt, you feel cheated, and when you actually see each other after it’s over, not even the chill of delicious ice cream could cool you down.


And, when you feel dejected and seem the whole world is crashing down, you can only cling on the best advice in the world, even from those you least expect.


Yes, there’s always hope. When love is lost, it doesn’t mean it’s the end. It’s actually the beginning of something new, something fresh, something exciting. And just like in Since I Found You, you might not find love in an instant with the pain and sorrow it could bring, but no matter how distant you’ve traveled, finding that one true love in the end is what matters.

And that’s destiny.