REVIEW: Impressive acting, kilig feels highlight Since I Found You finale

Finally, we’ve found the kind of teleserye finale we won’t forget for a long time.

That is in terms of thespic talent that surely was one great alignment of stars in such a climactic event. And, just when we thought we have seen everything in Since I Found You, and expect just a run-of-the-mill finale, we were all mistaken.

True, Nathan (Piolo Pascual) had it all figured out, uncovering Ginno’s (JC de Vera) misdeeds and his father Gary’s (Michael de Mesa) culpability over a botched project that led to his downfall. And he also wanted to bring it all out on his mother Elvie (Charo Santos), who he blames for all the life-long suffering he endured and overcame.

Gripping scene

But in one gripping scene, we actually never realized how these narratives will culminate in a powerful scene that showed all the players would confront each other and settle it once and for all.

As Ginno had been arrested for his crimes due to his recorded confession, Gary saw how his son was being led away by police. And this made him want to make Nathan pay as he would again cause them misery and suffering. Gary followed Nathan, who with Dani was on his way to meet Elvie to insist that she sell her shares in his company to shut her out of his life.

And when Nathan and Dani meet Elvie at a restaurant, we all truly felt their emotions when Elvie told Nathan she would not sell her shares because she wanted to remain in her son’s life—something that Nathan despised, still mindful of a hurtful past believing that his mom abandoned him and let him fight his battles alone. But in this encounter, Elvie revealed that she didn’t actually abandon Nathan and was there in his painful journey every step of the way, though she would not let him know. Asked by Nathan why she was doing this, Elvie said it is because he is her son and she loves him

Taken aback

And while Nathan was taken aback, a clapping Gary appears on cue, mocking the drama that was unfolding. He again let it all out on Nathan for being behind all his and his son’s misfortune, of being behind their downfall, and would again achieve success at their expense.  Gary then takes out a gun and shoots at Nathan’s direction but missed. He would then retreat, only to reappear and shoot again at Nathan. But Elvie got in the way and took the bullet with a graze at the shoulder.

Nathan would then overpower Gary and leave him out cold before attending to his fallen mom, who has indeed proven her love by laying down her life for him. And this truly struck Nathan to the core, and made him open his heart to his mother after all these years.

The heart to forgive

Elvie did survive the shooting and Gary was also sent behind bars, just like his son Ginno. And with the extreme happiness he now feels reuniting with his mom and his upcoming wedding to Dani, Nathan now had the heart to forgive. He would pardon Ginno for his mistakes and would seek his release from prison and give him a second chance at his company. And Nathan’s genuine, forgiving heart touched Gary, who apologized to Nathan for all his transgressions.

All this jubilation led to James and Janice’s own stroke of bliss, as James made one unique kind of marriage proposal that brought his ladylove to tears. And she carrying her fiancé in excitement!

The wedding

And this all culminated in Nathan and Dani’s much awaited wedding as we were all touched by their heartfelt vows. Nathan in particular was very much emphatic in thanking Dani for teaching him how to love again.

Piolo Pascual’s performance in the finale was indeed mind-blowing. The way he internalized and expressed the pain Nathan felt in confronting a mother he never truly knew was truly exceptional. And of course, expressing the deep joy in seeing his bride walk down the aisle make you want to cry yourself.

Michael de Mesa was again at his thespic best in breathing life to a troubled yet understandable character, who we can identify with. Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez stole our hearts with their unbeatable charm and chemistry that lit up the scene.

Arci Munoz was also an acting revelation with her solid performance in the episode, particularly the wedding scene, wherein any bride could relate to the happiness she felt, especially that kiss with Piolo that electrified everyone.

Huge impact

Yet, the finale truly belonged to Charo Santos, who really became that loving, remorseful mother who only wanted her son back. Her forceful delivery, intense characterization, and deep, emotional connection to fellow cast members definitely left a huge impact on the audience.

All these came to be, thanks to superb director Antoinette Jadaone, who kept everything within our heart’s reach and kept the narrative and the creative executions well placed and appreciated throughout the series.

Netizens likewise are impressed.