REVIEW: 5 reasons why we enjoyed Since I Found You’s pilot week

Why did the newest Kapamilya teleserye Since I Found You keep us glued in its entire pilot week?

It had the right ingredients to whet the appetite of a lovestruck audience, not to mention our craving for comic turns and our penchant for kilig among a stellar cast that continues to capture their imagination.

But what it gives is a delightful story that comforts us and warms our hearts, well told by an impressive script and characters portrayed by a superbly assembled cast.

What made it click with the audience? Here are the telling factors:

1) Piolo’s uncharacteristic, refreshing teleserye role

From the time we learned Piolo Pascual would be back in primetime, we expected he would portray the usual ideal leading man, ultimate heartthrob character. But in the pilot week of Since I Found You, we realize he has taken quite a different route, effectively portraying the multi-faceted fortyish “tito” character Nathan, with all the imperfections and complications we all understand and relate to. This is definitely one welcome return to the limelight for Piolo, whose resurgence is definitely climactic.

2) Arci’s revelation as a true comic

We were all engrossed with Arci Muňoz as the sultry dramatic actress in her past breakthrough stints, but her playing the role of Dani, the clueless practicumer who had changed the life of Nathan forever, has made us discover her innate talent we truly enjoy—that being a natural comic. This is a refreshing turn in her career.

3) AlEmpoy’s magic extends to TV

While their scenes together might not have been that many, but when we see them together with Janice (Alessandra de Rossi) blurting, “Hay ewan!” and James (Empoy Marquez) saying, “Kung ako si Ewan, ikaw si Anne,” we are so taken by Alex and Empoy’s incredible hilarity and their astounding onscreen chemistry that have gripped us since the immense blockbuster Kita Kita. Truly, AlEmpoy’s magic has extended to TV.


4) JC’s mysterious, well-thought out role

JC de Vera’s mesmerizing charm as Nathan’s “loyal” assistant Ginno at the onset made us believe he would take yet another, run-of-the-mill Third Wheel route in the romance. But no, the character has since taken a surprising twist when it turns out that he is really the son of Gary (Michael de Mesa), whom Nathan once forced out of a taxi business and had since suffered a series of misfortunes, including a prison term in the US. Amid his charade of giving in to Nathan’s every whim and showing his best efforts for the sake of the company, Ginno is really out to destroy Nathan in a fit of revenge and will use Dani to achieve it.  His mysterious, well-thought out role has since made Since I Found You more interesting.


5) Well-directed, enjoyable scenes

Director Antoinette Jadaone not only offered a visual treat with impressive wide-scale, cinematic camera shots and angles, she also made the scenes quite close to home with relatable, understandable characters, all-too familiar situations at home and in the office, and even an entertaining musical spree. She guided the actors to perform their best at all times, with believable portrayals. All in all, it was enjoyable pilot week, making viewers longing for more.

Catch Since I Found You every weeknight right after Bagani on Primetime Bida.