Andrea Brillantes Acting Senior High

Many young actresses are illuminating the local entertainment scene with their charm and skill, but we can all agree that Gen Z superstar Andrea Brillantes is a cut above the rest.

With her acting prowess sharpened through the years, Andrea is now able to carry her own teleserye – where she even plays twin characters. Get ready to be impressed as she slays her big scenes in Senior High, which Kapamilya Toplist compiled in this video.

Andrea is one actress who pushes herself further into new acting territories. In Senior High, she doubles her talent and grit as she takes on dual duty playing twin characters Sky and Luna. The two might look the same, but viewers can distinguish who’s who, which is proof of her masterful portrayal.

And with the help of modern technology, conversations between her two characters appear natural, such as in that mealtime conversation with their mom Tanya (Angel Aquino). Here, Luna warned her sister not to mess with Z (Daniela Stranner), whom Sky accused of submerging her phone in the toilet bowl as a prank. Andrea fuelled Sky’s emotions with quiet rage, as she revealed that her old phone was a gift from her beloved grandmother; hence, her reaction.

Slowly, Luna managed to soften Sky through tough love. She enlightened her about their mom’s sacrifices, imparting that distance didn’t mean they didn’t care. She said that Sky probably even had a better and happier life in the province, implying that studying at Northford High isn’t as perfect as it seems.

Andrea proves herself to be at par with Angel’s acting expertise, proven in that scene where they locked horns over Luna’s alleged suicide. Sky is determined to investigate and prove a foul play, while Tanya, for some reason, opts to accept Luna’s fate. Tanya would tell Sky to shut up and focus on her studies instead, saying that her fighting spirit would only lead her to trouble. She has many times pressed that the rich and influential people in Northford High are dangerous enemies.

Then again, no amount of threat could wane Sky’s thirst for justice, which Andrea perfectly embodies through her incredible performance even if she clashes solo with the characters of acting giants Baron Geisler, Desiree del Valle, Ana Abad Santos, and Mon Confiado. Here, Sky boldly stood her ground after these powerful parents and school authorities turned a blind eye to Z’s bullying. In a related scene, she unleashed her rage toward her mother, who failed to show up at the conference. The heated conversation ensued inside Tanya’s car, with Sky insisting that her twin sister deserved justice from her bullies, which of course, sounded like a terrible idea to Tanya. The latter burst into tears of frustration, which Sky took as a sign of weakness. We could feel every fiber of her wrath when she said that Tanya couldn’t just sit and cry and do nothing.

Viewers were sure biting their nails in ‘gigil’ when Andrea’s Sky confronted Z and Archie (Elijah Canlas) which led to a physical fight. The thrill was all over the scene when Z pulled Sky’s hair from inside the car, rolled the car window up, and then asked the driver to move while Sky’s hair was still stuck in the window. We can imagine the viewers letting out a sigh of relief when Roxy (Xyriel Manabat) and Tim (Zaijian Jaranilla) came to the rescue and when the driver pushed the window button down to avoid dragging Sky. Intense.

She does a remarkable job whenever confronted by Z and Archie, keeping her ‘palaban’ act so palpable and cathartic to the viewers. We mean, we gritted our teeth while cheering on her as she kicked Archie in the nuts.

She also shines in flashback moments that reveal Luna’s sufferings from Gino (Juan Karlos Labajo)’s group. We held our breath for a moment when Gino almost pushed her down the stairs. The silence and gazes that followed were nothing but perfection, punctuated by Andrea’s intense line delivery.

Of course, we’re sure that we can rely on Andrea to pull off big dramatic moments, such as that tearjerking monologue where she talks to Luna and promises to give her justice.

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