Rate and React Andrea Brillantes

Many young actresses are illuminating the local entertainment scene with their charm and skill, but we can all agree that Gen Z superstar Andrea Brillantes is a cut above the rest. 

With her talent and knowledge sharpened through the years, she has truly mastered the art of pushing herself further into new acting territories, with playing twin sisters Sky and Luna as the latest testament to what she could do for the love of her craft. 

Just last night (January 19), the Kapamilya actress graduated with flying colors from her dual role in the hugely successful series “Senior High.” Her batchmates were also remarkable in their roles. But her seamless portrayal of the two characters was truly exceptional, as she was able to sell the twins’ distinct traits – one was built to be more stoic and badass, while the other soft and expressive. 

Because we’re still on a ‘high’ from the series’ finale episode, let’s join  Andrea as she rates and reacts to her highlight moments from “Senior High” via this episode of Kapamilya Chat

We begin with that scene of Luna trying to enlighten Sky about their mom’s sacrifices, imparting that distance didn’t mean their mom didn’t care. She emphasized that Sky probably even had a better and happier life in the province, implying that studying at Northford High School isn’t as perfect as it seems.

There were many scenes, especially in the pilot week, where Luna and Sky appeared in the same frame, which was a real challenge. Andrea would dress up first as either of the two characters, then, a double would act as a stand-in. In the next shot, Andrea and the double would switch places, then the editors would stitch the two strips into one film.

In this emotionally charged moment, she recalls following the script's guidance on when to shed tears. However, the intricacies of editing and camera angles prevented it from being displayed on TV. That’s why she’s giving it a score of only 9.5 out of 10, saying that the scene could’ve been lovelier if her tears were shown on screen, “Very particular kasi ako sa pagbagsak ng luha.”

Andrea, or Blythe as she’s fondly called, is honored to have shared gripping moments with seasoned actress Angel Aquino, who played her mom, Tanya, in the story. In this video, she re-watched the scene of Sky locking horns with her mom over Luna’s alleged suicide. Sky was determined to investigate and prove a foul play, while Tanya opted to accept Luna’s fate. Tanya told Sky to shut up and focus on her studies instead, and that her fighting spirit would only lead her to trouble. She also pressed that the rich and influential people in Northford High are dangerous enemies.

This scene was taken on their first taping day, hence, the challenge, “Hindi pa namin alam kung saan huhugot, so we really had a hard time.” She’d rate it 9.8 – almost perfect but she’s never completely satisfied. 

“Perfect na sana, eh, pero ‘yung ending hindi ko gusto. Kasi nu’ng kinukunan ‘yun, dapat humahagulhol na ako sa dulo, pero biglang nag-on ‘yung light habang nagco-continue ‘yung roll. Hindi ko alam kong iko-continue ko ba. Pero wala kasing nag-cut,” divulged Andrea, adding that Angel, whom she now fondly calls Mommy A, has been a generous and helpful co-star. “I always look at her and hug her... Ang galing din kasi talaga ni Miss A. Nakakakuha din ako sa kanya,” she also thinks their closeness helped them pull off their scenes. 

Then, watching the scene of Sky becoming friends with Roxy (Xyriel Manabat) and Tim (Zaijian Jaranilla) after they caught her submerging Z (Daniela Stranner)’s headband in the toilet bowl, Andrea laughed and commented, “Alam mo ‘yung friendship na nagsa-start kapag may ayaw kayong isang tao? Isa ‘yan sa strongest bond ng friendship talaga.” She thought this one’s too relatable it deserves a perfect 10 score. She further revealed that Z slapping Luna wasn’t part of the original script, but just a spontaneous instruction from their director. 

Closing this edition of “Rate and React” is that scene of Luna facing her death after an intense confrontation with Z and Wiliam (Mon Confiado), the ‘revelation’ scene that finally proved Luna was pushed down the campus corridors and didn’t commit suicide. Applause echoed throughout the studio in appreciation of that outstanding ‘acting’ moment. Even Andrea was speechless, all she said was this scene deserves a perfect 10, or 20 even. Then, she remembered this was one of the last sequences shot on that particular day, “Kinunan namin ‘yun talagang puyat na puyat at pagod na pagod na kami. Buti naging maganda.” 

What was your favorite scene of Andrea in “Senior High,” Kapamilya?