Kapamilya Chat Kyle Echarri Senior High

Bittersweet – this is how Kyle Echarri describes his emotions, as “Senior High reaches its finale week, hinting at an unforgettable and shocking end for his character, Obet.

On Thursday, January 11, the night before this Kapamilya Chat interview, his kissing scene with Andrea Brillantes (their first real on-screen kiss as actors) trended on social media. Kyle remarked that they’re happy when viewers noted how sweet and sad the kiss felt, exactly what they wanted them to feel.

With the amount of love, blood, sweat and tears they poured into the show, the ensemble cast is left grateful for the audience’s warm reception.

With this family na nabuo namin, ang daming napagdaanan in the past months, since July, lahat kami natutuwa. We’re very happy with everything that’s happening for the show. Sobra po kaming masaya dahil tinanggap ito ng mga tao nang buo,” expressed Kyle.

The sepanx would sink in when the series ends, but until then, they will relish their remaining time for promo activities.

Kyle commends his goal-driven castmates, as they pushed one another to their highest potential. The first time he stepped on set, he knew that he must be at par with his co-stars’ acting chops. And he’s also thankful to the creatives for giving each of them the spotlight.

Apart from the bond, Kyle will miss the challenge of portraying Obet. “Naging parte na ng buhay ko talaga si Obet. Talagang mami-miss ko lahat ng mga eksena na takot na takot ako, lahat ng mga eksena na gumagawa ako ng mga bagay na hindi dapat, ‘yung mga ganu’n.”

Sobra akong thankful kay Obet kasi para ko siyang naging therapy,” he said, giving credit to the writers for building characters with whom viewers can relate. Kyle, himself, felt like Obet resonated with him, especially with the storyline of Obet’s grandmother battling cancer.

Playing Obet was a wild ride, keeping him all the more thrilled for his next roles to play.

In a past Kapamilya Chat episode, Kyle was asked which other character from the series he’d like to portray, and he chose Poch played by Miggy Jimenez. Months later, he admired the character more after seeing how Miggy breathed the life that Poch needed. Asked the same question in this episode, he chose Gino as well, played by Juan Karlos Labajo, whom he also praised.

But with Obet alone, Kyle has picked up enough lessons that he promises to take with him in real life, specifically about selflessness. To him, Obet is a lover, one who chooses to give love to everyone. However, Obet also taught him that not prioritizing oneself has its downside. “Sometimes, when you’re too good, you’re not good at all,” he imparted.

He added that Obet taught him patience. “I’m so grateful for him because he came at such a timely moment in my life. Ang dami kasing nangyari sa akin no’ng 2023 at malaking bahagi si Obet do’n, sa buhay ko.

Yeah,” he smiled bashfully when asked if his first on-screen kiss hints at a bolder side of him as an actor, in terms of readiness to take on any challenge in his acting career, expressing willingness to embrace whatever comes his way.
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