Kenji’s Hated Scenes in Senior High

In the anatomy of a campus clique, there exists a wannabe. And sometimes they’re willing to go bad so they’d belong. 

Viewers of the trending mystery-drama series “Senior High” found themselves cursing in anger over a recent episode where Kenji (Tommy Alejandrino) set up Sky (Andrea Brillantes) in a cheating scandal on campus. But that wasn’t the first time he showed a glimpse of his two-faced personality. Recall all his hated moments in the series via this Friday 5 video.

Kenji is desperate to earn a seat in Northford High’s most popular ‘barkada’ headlined by the campus Queen Bee, Z. And in order to gain Z and her brother Archie (Elijah Canlas)’s trust, he would treat them with servile obedience to the point of doing crazy things toward his other schoolmates.

In the first scene where he and his closest friend Sanya (Gela Atayde) chatted with Roxy (Xyriel Manabat) about the latter’s wish to drop out of her collab project with Archie, he looked like he was so happy and friendly. He even cheered on Roxy. But as soon as Roxy turned her back on them, he sneakily took out his phone to report to Archie. Traitor spotted.

He would also act concerned about Sky’s investigation of her twin sister Luna’s alleged suicide. He approached Sky to relay that he caught Poch (Miggy Jimenez) and Luna in an intense fight before the latter died. This was to add more weight to the trouble that Poch was going through after the CCTV footage that reveals he was at Luna’s crime scene spread on campus. In that way, Poch could get kicked out of his squad. And when that happens, he has more chances of taking over Poch’s spot.

True enough, Z took advantage of Kenji’s desperation to be part of her group. When she saw how much he craves prestige and a sense of belonging, she asked him to put a cheat sheet on Sky’s chair during an exam, which, she said, was an initiation.

Kenji did the order, putting Sky’s reputation on the line. When confronted, he arrogantly told Sky, “Sorry na lang. Sa ating dalawa, mas paniniwalaan nila ako.” He denied the allegation that he was paid by Z to do it, because, according to him, his family is even more powerful than the Aguerros.

However, Kenji admitted to Sanya that he did it out of his wish to be part of Z’s group. It turned out that lack of self-esteem was one of the main reasons he's been behaving that way. He feels like he isn’t good enough, that he’s a nobody compared to his family members who are all achievers. And the only option he saw to redeem himself was to be friends with Z, Archie, and Gino (Juan Karlos Labajo).

There are more mysteries to uncover, and lies and misdeeds to expose in Northford High.

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