15 scenes that made viewers ship Tim and Poch in “Senior High”

Kapamilya series “Senior High” is far from the usual coming-of-age drama in a school setting, with its bold and unflinching discussion of the ‘darker’ side of adolescence designed to capture the attention of young adults and the people around them.

It has a little bit of everything, including, of course, the kilig moments. But even in this aspect, “Senior High” surprises viewers with unexpected pairings. Case in point: Tim (Zaijian Jaranilla) and Poch (Miggy Jimenez)’s tandem that reminds us of our beloved BL stories.

There’s no denying that the guys exude chemistry in their interactions, so much so that viewers are now shipping them. Plunge into some ‘kilig’ by re-watching their scenes via this Kapamilya Toplist video.

As members of clashing cliques, Tim had always resented Poch and his squadmates’ arrogance. But fate played tricks on them when they got tasked to collaborate on a school project, leading to never-ending squabbles. They would call each other names from “bobo” to “baduy” and “mayabang.”

However, as viewers have noticed, their arguments are laced with ‘something’. Their chemistry soared high in that locker confrontation scene where Poch teased Tim with a sexy dance, and when the latter saw him half-naked in the shower.

No one can really predict if special feelings can come out of typical ‘asaran.’ But obviously, Poch wanted to fix Tim’s bad impression of him. Their “panunuyo” scenes are always exciting to watch, with the way Poch would inch closer to Tim as if trying to gauge the latter’s feelings. One time, he said straight up to his face that he was not the snitch in Northford High. And with only a ball between them, he teased him with a kiss, which Tim furiously avoided.

Their shared love for basketball would spark some unexpected bond. Viewers got crazy ‘kilig’ when Poch protected Tim from their offensive opponents in an inter-school match. He didn’t mind the consequences so long as he got to fight for Tim. In turn, Tim low-key showed appreciation by insisting that Poch wasn’t the one who stirred chaos on the court, defending him from their coach.

To add more thrill to the plot, the two were assigned to the same hotel room. The roommates were having a mini-“inuman” party when Poch started asking for compliments from Tim just for fun. The conversation was light and playful until, all of a sudden, Poch broke down and cried.

That was when Tim realized that Poch’s life isn’t as perfect as it seems. He was surprised, even more so when Poch kissed him. He was mad. But, we viewers saw how that kiss further blurred the lines, making Tim more confused about his feelings.

Meanwhile, Poch was noticeably affected by Tim acting cold on their way back to Northford High the next day, and when Roxy (Xyriel Manabat) welcomed Tim, her boyfriend, with cheers and a hug.

Who else is invested in Tim and Poch’s story?

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