Tim-Poch love story Senior High

Tim and Poch’s love story is a rainbow-colored dream!

Senior High” is far from the usual coming-of-age drama in a school setting, with its bold and unflinching discussion of the ‘darker’ side of adolescence designed to capture the attention of young adults and the people around them.

It has a little bit of everything, including, of course, the romantic moments. But even in this aspect, it surprised viewers with unexpected pairings.

Driven to deliver a progressive narrative, “Senior High” fused a resonating representation of the LGBTQ community through Tim and Poch’s characters played by Zaijian Jaranilla and Miggy Jimenez, respectively.

Navigating the landscape of self-discovery, TimPoch has found themselves entangled in an enchanting yet complicated love. Their story began like any other, with sweet encounters and shared pain that ripened into a deep connection. Relive their purest ‘kilig’ moments via this Kapamilya Toplist video.

Playful and bold, Poch had set the stage for their journey with his intimate stares and clever acts that confused Tim about his feelings. Butterflies soared when the two were assigned to the same hotel room for an inter-school basketball match. After clinching the championship, the roommates had a mini-drinking party. The conversation was light and playful until, all of a sudden, Poch was reduced to tears.

That was when Tim realized that Poch’s life wasn’t as perfect as it seemed. He was surprised listening to his confessions, even more so when Poch closed the gap between them; and in that suspended moment, stole a kiss. Tim got mad as the kiss further blurred the lines, making him more confused about his feelings. But, to Poch, it was a kiss that he will never regret.

Nothing spells awkward than playing hide-and-seek with your feelings, which is why Tim acted elusive on campus. Then again, how could he escape Poch’s magnetic pull? In one scene, even though he was firm not to entertain Poch’s request to ask Sky (Andrea Brillantes) for Gino (Juan Karlos Labajo)’s whereabouts, still he relented.

The thing about love, the harder you try to bury it, the more it swims to the surface. Tim went to a bar hoping to wash his problems with alcohol, but only to get more confused, as Poch was also there and decided to keep him company. They argued about that kiss. Love is not easy, especially when you try to box it or make it feel tangible. As Poch said in this scene, he doesn’t like labels, but one thing he's sure of is that Tim enjoyed that kiss too.

Well, feelings are messy and complicated, especially when you’re learning about a person’s conflicted life. But somehow, you naturally find yourself fitting into the chaos of their world. When Poch opened up on his struggles, pain, and loneliness, admitting that he gets money through sexual acts, Tim decided to listen and not judge.

He evaded Poch’s attempt to kiss him on the lips. Instead, he cupped his face tenderly and looked straight into his eyes – their lingering gazes revealing unspoken desires and profound connection. The silence that followed spoke louder than words. It was almost enchanting how they conveyed deep emotions through that simple gaze. Tim kissed Poch on the forehead, and then, they shared a warm tight hug that gave off a feeling of being safe and understood.

The warmth and quite dangerous thrill of their blossoming love provided them a haven that fostered acceptance. Our hearts fluttered with their little secret moments on campus such as their unexpected brushing of hands underneath the table in the school cafeteria.

Cue in another stolen locker-room moment. The vulnerability in Tim’s eyes and spellbinding sincerity in Poch’s created a magnetic atmosphere in this scene where Tim tried to avoid Poch’s kiss once again but eventually found himself giving in. This was their first real kiss, and we, viewers, were immersed in the pure emotion of this moment.

From here, the two would become each other’s solace while navigating the tumultuous waters of their individual complexities. Tim’s problems at home regarding his parents’ separation and Poch’s lonesome life had become the threads weaving a tapestry of understanding, creating a bond that only they know.

As their love story unfolded with twists and turns that challenged them to confront their deepest fears and insecurities, judgment and threats, the ‘couple’ summoned the courage to reveal the truth to the world. Having survived the wrath of Poch’s sugar daddy, who was none other than William (Mon Confiado), the two only got braver with their feelings. Re-watch that aww-inducing scene where they boldly held hands in front of their classmates, and in front of Tim’s ex-girlfriend, Roxy (Xyriel Manabat). Even without lines to utter, their soft nuances spoke of true love – the real stuff, the kind that’s honest and sacrificial.

There was a time when Tim needed space to sort out his feelings. But, in ways he couldn’t fathom, his soul always finds acceptance and comfort in Poch.

TimPoch endgame? Definitely what we are fighting for!

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