Senior High Toplist: RoxChie Journey

Boy meets girl – but instead of love, they feel hate at first sight. However, love can be so unpredictable and has its own way of finding you. Who would have thought that Roxy (Xyriel Manabat) and Archie (Elijah Canlas) would little by little go from mortal enemies to potential lovers?

The tandem has gained legions of shippers for their organic chemistry and on-point portrayals of their characters’ journey in “Senior High.” Now that the show is down to its last episode dubbed as “The Ender To Remember,” the ‘kilig’ feels so ‘bitin.’

So, let’s reminisce RoxChie’s cutest love-hate moments via this edition of Kapamilya Toplist. Who knows? Maybe watching this video would please the heavens and help us manifest an Elijah-Xyriel follow-up project. So, hit the play button now!

We begin with that scene of Roxy dozing off on a couch in the campus lobby when the nightmare himself, Archie, woke her up. “Pwede ba sa bangungot ka na lang bumisita, huwag na sa real life?” she snarled at him.

There must have been a miracle – or maybe ‘sanib’ as Roxy said – at Northford High when Archie, much to Roxy’s surprise, fought her perverted bullies. Sky (Andrea Brillantes) entered the scene and even she was surprised that Archie acted as Roxy’s knight in shining armor. In her usual humor, Roxy remarked that the whole hullaballoo might be scripted.

At Sanya (Gela Atayde)’s birthday party, Archie noticed that Roxy was getting upset over Tim (Zaijian Jaranilla)'s absence. He joked that Tim might be cheating. Her response? “Mayaman ka ‘di ba? Bili ka kausap mo.” Viewers probably shrieked in kilig when the strap of Roxy’s top slipped off, then Archie slowly pulled it back up, saying that he thought her items were "rampa-proof" and "hubadera-proof." Roxy was surprised as only customers in her live-selling hear her say such phrases, which made her think of her mystery customer who goes by the username Dark Gray.

In the succeeding scene, the two shared another round of bickering in front of their classmates, with Archie saying that he can buy anything, even Roxy’s loyalty. But Roxy made sure to have the last say in this cute argument. “Alam mo, imbes na ipambili mo ‘yan ng loyalty ko, bakit kaya hindi mo i-invest sa pagpapa-boost ng brain cells o kaya neurons? I think need mo ‘yun, eh, like sobra,” she retorted, proving once again that she’s the only person who can keep him silent and kill his angst.

In the aftermath of Roxy’s breakup with Tim, she was surprised when Archie mellowed down his arrogance. She accidentally spilled hot coffee on his arm when they bumped into each other. She brought him to the campus clinic and, scared and apologetic, asked if she’d be punished for the accident. But instead of giving her the usual no-mercy consequence, Archie simply asked for another coffee. He wanted it black. “Like your soul?” she wittily replied before walking out of the clinic with an adorable flair.

That scene of Archie joining Roxy’s ‘breakup’ live-selling will forever live in our minds as that was when the ship finally started sailing. He didn’t have to hide behind the username “Dark Gray”, as if he was okay with being revealed as Roxy’s secret ‘miner.’

Just as Roxy was left breathless, we, viewers, also gasped for air when Archie gave her a subtle kiss on the lips as the answer to her question, “Ano ba? May gusto ka ba talaga sa akin?” as they talked inside his car. From that kiss, things went more daring than usual.

Do bad boys fall in love? Definitely yes, and when they do, they make girls weak in the knees. Archie proved so when he turned soft seeing Roxy sobbing at the campus fire exit.

He wasn’t even scared to show his admiration for Roxy by following her with gazes as she took her seat inside the classroom. Those eyes – we’ll never get sick of looking into them!

RoxChie endgame? Definitely our dream!

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