Senior High Toplist Obet & Sky

A wholesome depiction of a slow-burn romance laced with Kyle Echarri and Andrea Brillantes’ smooth chemistry – with SkyBet, it’s the little things that make our hearts flutter.

They can elicit ‘feels’ just by a subtle exchange of smiles and ‘nakaw-tingin’ moments, or even when they just stand in one frame while “Love You All The Way” plays in the background. That’s how natural their chemistry, and dreamy and gentlemanly Obet was. Now that “Senior High” is down to its finale week, let’s relish SkyBet’s sweetest scenes via this Kapamilya Toplist video.

In the cafeteria, Roxy (Xyriel Manabat) and Tim (Zaijian Jaranilla) noticed the lingering stares, which they said was exactly how Obet would look at Sky’s twin sister, Luna, before. His eyes, a reflection of sweet love, sparked gently when Sky wiped off his utensil before handing it to him to make sure it was clean, exactly what Luna would do.

Obet’s words are like melody, honeyed and comforting. There was a scene where he wiped off Sky’s tear as she rehashed her sad experiences in Northford High, and then told her, “Mula nu’ng makilala lang kita, wala akong ibang inisip kundi tulungan ka, alagaan ka. Magkaroon lang ng ngiti sa mukha mo, okay na ako do’n.”

Whenever he whispers how beautiful Sky is, like in that scene during Sanya (Gela Atayde)’s birthday party, Obet’s every syllable resonates with sincerity.

Who else ran out of air watching that ‘bus’ scene where Obet tucked Sky’s hair in her ear and whispered, “Ang ganda mo,” as if casting a spell with his sincere compliment? He dropped her home that night. Outside Sky’s house, Obet tripped, causing him to pull her a little closer, so close that they almost kissed.

Challenges and mysteries forged a stronger bond between them. They became each other’s backbone as she breathed him courage when fazed by problems related to his grandma’s situation.  

Obet’s heroic ways looked extra dreamy when he sold his motorbike to raise funds for Sky’s tuition fee. Surprised and overjoyed, Sky hugged him and promised, “Gagalingan ko para sa’yo.” The next morning, inside the classroom, they exchanged soft glances as Sky was permitted to take the exams.

Obet was a total gentleman who had a way of making Sky feel like the protagonist in her own fairy tale, one of the reasons why we rooted for him as her endgame. Viewers got crazy 'kilig' when Obet took off his shirt to assist Sky while she was helping the construction workers in exchange for permission to check out the site’s CCTV footage. In the middle of their unexpected work, he wiped off the dirt on her face and blurted out, “Ang ganda mo.” The construction workers’ side comments added enthusiasm to the scene as they rooted for Obet. One of them said, “Sagutin mo na kasi, Ne. Kanina pa nagpapapansin, eh.”

Obet made romance look like an art form. He understood the importance of little things like stolen glances and shared laughter. In that scene where Sky insisted on paying him a modest sum for the money he lent her, Obet turned the conversation into a cute chit-chat, prompting Sky to admit that she considers him special, “Top one pa.”

From the beginning, Obet’s gestures were woven with sincerity and thoughtful effort, like when he prepared a romantic promposal for Sky. Apart from the lighted standees that say, “Prom?”, his surprise act wasn’t that flamboyant but was rather delicate and authentic.

You will be deeply missed, Obet!

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