Sky vs Z Catfight Senior High Toplist

Campus drama wouldn’t be complete without the female rivalries full of, well, admit it, excitement. In Northford High School, the Queen Bee, Z (Daniela Stranner) has found her match in the feisty Sky (Andrea Brillantes). As we brace ourselves for Senior High “Ender to Remember,” let us re-watch Sky and Z’s hottest catfight scenes from the series via this Kapamilya Toplist video.

From the moment Sky set foot on Northford High, a fierce rivalry ignited with Z, fuelled by the simple fact that Sky was Luna's twin sister, boldly calling the new student nasty names, labeling her a “freak” in one encounter.

Z's resentment intensified as Sky effortlessly got Gino (Juan Karlos Labajo)'s attention. She hated Sky for her mere existence. Matters took a dramatic turn when Z discovered Sky at the same bar where Gino was performing. Determined to remove Sky from the equation, Z sought the help of the bar’s security personnel but found her efforts thwarted when Gino defended Sky against her demands.

Touch Gino, and Z will push you into the portals of hell. She’s very territorial without the right to be one. In a scene, she attacked Sky, who was then talking to Gino about their collab project and an intriguing confession about his last moments with Luna. She took every insulting adjective from her mean girl arsenal and threw them at Sky, who was bold enough to fight back. Cue in that crisp slap!

Northford High’s villainess has found her perfect rival in Sky, who isn’t scared to engage in the feistiest confrontations, such as the trending scene where Sky managed to block Z’s attempt to splash water on her face during the Governor’s Ball. Basic teleserye move but make it modern!

However, she has an equally annoying ally in her brother, Archie (Elijah Canlas). Viewers were sure biting their nails in ‘gigil’ when the siblings bullied Sky in a lopsided fight. Thrill was all over the scene when Z pulled Sky’s hair from inside the car, rolled the car window up, and then asked the driver to move while Sky’s hair was still stuck in the window. We could imagine the viewers letting out a sigh of relief when Roxy (Xyriel Manabat) and Tim (Zaijian Jaranilla) came to the rescue and when the driver pushed the window button down to avoid dragging Sky. Intense.

Just when it seemed Z's outbursts couldn't escalate further, Z displayed her willingness to go to extreme lengths by intentionally causing a sign post to fall from the second floor of a mall, aiming it at Sky and Roxy below. Thankfully, the quick-witted Roxy pretended to capture the incident on her phone, potentially saving them from the dangerous consequences of Z's ruthless actions.

In a subsequent scene, Z unleashed a barrage of insulting words at Sky upon discovering that the campus’ vice principal was Luna's baby's father, as the DNA Test allegedly proves. However, her composure crumbled when Gino bluntly revealed that he, in fact, was the true father.

Persistently, Z insisted on branding the Cruz sisters as promiscuous, as seen in the confrontation when she caught Sky and Obet (Kyle Echarri) together. This led to a heated altercation — Z versus Sky and Obet versus Archie.

Yet, when the true culprit of immorality within Northford High was exposed as Governor William (Mon Confiado), Gino's father, Z found herself in a moment of frustration, showing weakness as Sky boldly confronted her with the truth.

The school year comes to an end! Don’t miss the Senior High “Ender to Remember” on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z.