10 kilig SkyBet scenes that paint Andrea and Kyle’s strong chemistry in “Senior High”

When it comes to romance, the little things matter the most, which is why even the most low-key ‘nakaw-tingin’ moments and the slightest interactions between Sky (Andrea Brillantes) and Obet (Kyle Echarri) are enough to give us butterflies.

Team SkyBet will surely love this Kapamilya Toplist video which immortalizes the many times Sky and Obet made us ‘kilig’ with their scenes in Senior High.

We open the video montage with that secret conversation in which Sky interrogated Obet about his connections to her twin sister Luna, who allegedly committed suicide. This was after she learned that Obet was quite her Ate Luna’s stalker. But he clarified that he and Luna had a real thing. They were serious about each other, however, Luna wanted to keep their relationship a secret to protect her reputation and her spot in Z (Daniela Stranner) and Archie (Elijah Canlas)’s squad.

When we say little things matter, we talk about that scene where Obet noticed that Sky loves the flower decor inside the hall where the Governor’s Ball is being held. So, he picked more and gave it to her.

We think Obet will never run out of small thoughtful gestures. Of course, we couldn’t leave out the ‘kilig’ moments during Sanya (Gela Atayde)’s birthday party despite the slight competition between him and Gino (Juan Karlos Labajo). In a scene, Gino was first to compliment Sky for her gorgeous getup. But our guy Obet wouldn’t want to get left behind so he would butt in and second Gino’s opinion. Later that evening, they would both volunteer to drive her home, with Gino gaining a point here.

Well, Obet managed to keep up in the next scene. In the cafeteria, Roxy (Xyriel Manabat) and Tim (Zaijian Jaranilla) noticed the lingering stares, which they said was exactly how Obet would look at Luna before. Then he turned speechless when Sky wiped off his utensil before handing it to him to make sure it is clean, exactly what Luna used to do for him.

Challenges and mysteries would pull them close. They would learn to become each other’s backbone, as she breathed him courage when fazed by problems related to his grandma’s situation.

Of course, Luna’s unsolved case forces them to interact a lot, such as in that scene where she asked him to provide a DNA sample just to be sure that he isn’t the father of Luna’s child, as she was apparently pregnant when she died. Obet claimed that he and Luna never had a sexual relationship, but he promised to cooperate.

He proved that he can be her savior, too, when he acted fast upon seeing her climbing the railings where Luna was said to have jumped from. Then his eyes spoke of relief when she explained that she was just trying to calculate the possibility of Luna really jumping off or getting pushed that fateful night.

Then his heroic ways looked extra dreamy when he sold his motorbike to raise funds for Sky’s tuition fee. The next morning, inside the classroom, they exchanged sweet glances when Sky was permitted to take the exams.

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