10 ‘gigil’ scenes of Daniela Stranner as campus mean girl Z in “Senior High”

In a high school campus setting where everyone strives to make a good impression, there exists Miss Popular. She has the face that could launch a thousand ships.

In the Kapamilya series Senior High, she’s portrayed as the meanest mean girl in school, the Queen Bee who thinks she’s entitled to get what she wants. She sashays the hallway wearing an invisible crown – or a fancy headband – in all her mean-girl glory.

She’s Z, the perfect-looking but perennially miffed ‘kontrabida’ played by Daniela Stranner. Re-watch her ‘gigil’ scenes via this Kapamilya Toplist video.

One symptom of a mean girl is that she’s willing to go to great lengths to come out on top, like how Z attempts to ruin another person’s credibility to emerge as the better one. She loves her high school days of stardom. When she and Luna (Andrea Brillantes) collaborated on a project, she claimed that the majority of the ideas were hers.

She bullied Luna mercilessly, with one of their encounters caught in a video. Sky was rummaging through Luna’s cellphone when she found a video of Z physically assaulting her twin sister in the washroom. The reason? She assumed that Luna was flirting with Gino (JK Labajo), the friend – yup, just a friend – she’s extremely obsessed with.

She’s so full of herself that even just a missing headband would cause her to make a scene as if her life depends on that headband, which Luna’s twin sister, Sky (Andrea Brillantes), submerged in the toilet bowl. And as if screaming wasn’t enough to air her frustration, she slapped Luna, who was just trying to give comfort.  Well, she can slap anyone just because she can and she wants to.

Her penchant for screaming and slapping and terrorizing people was triggered when she heard her classmates gossiping about her brother Archie (Elijah Calnas), who was recently hospitalized due to substance abuse. She went around the room slapping people and telling them, “Do you know who I am?”, referencing her family’s social power.

Prior to this scene, she arrived at the hospital carrying her selfish and immature behavior, blaming Sky, Roxy (Xyriel Manabat), and Tim (Zaijian Jaranilla) for her brother’s situation, when, in fact, she should’ve thanked them for rushing Archie to the hospital.

Touch Gino, and Z will push you into the portals of hell. She’s very territorial without the right to be one. In a scene, she attacked Sky, who was then talking to Gino about their collab project and an intriguing confession about his last moments with Luna. She took every insulting adjective from her mean girl arsenal and threw them at Sky, who was bold enough to fight back.

Northford High’s villainess has found her perfect rival in Sky, who isn’t scared to engage in the feistiest confrontations, such as the trending scene where Sky managed to block Z’s attempt to splash water on her face during a party.

However, she has an equally annoying ally in her brother, Archie. Viewers were sure biting their nails in ‘gigil’ when the siblings bullied Sky in a lopsided fight. Thrill was all over the scene when Z pulled Sky’s hair from inside the car, rolled the car window up, and then asked the driver to move while Sky’s hair was still stuck in the window. We could imagine the viewers letting out a sigh of relief when Roxy and Tim came to the rescue and when the driver pushed the window button down to avoid dragging Sky. Intense.

Those around Z should be wary of her behavior which readily erupts into physical violence. There was a time when she and Archie ganged up on Sky – hitting and kicking and insulting her without mercy. But Sky kept her ‘palaban’ act so palpable and cathartic to the viewers. We mean, we gritted our teeth while cheering on her as she kicked Archie in the nuts, and paint terror on Z’s face.

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