Senior High’s Northford students reveal what’s on their phones – screenshots, convos, and all

Akin to a personality association test, this “Phone Raid” surprisingly revealed Senior High stars Miggy Jimenez, Tommy Alejandrino, and Gela Atayde’s passion and priorities.

Check out the video to find out what they are up to, and what they’re like off-cam based on their phone usage and activities.



If this is a campus setting, Gela, aka Sanya in the series, is seemingly the responsible student-leader. The last text message she sent was a copy of their schedule to the Senior High group chat. And by responsible, we mean she doesn’t neglect skincare even when busy, as her last Google search says, “Do I put vitamin C acid before niacin amide on my skin?”

She has over 2,000 unread messages on Telegram, which is her most used application aside from Instagram. The last item she bought online was a water jug with straw (which is a matchy-matchy with Daniela Stranner), the last call was with her driver, and the last series she watched was “The Summer I Turned Pretty.”

We can tell Gela is bonded with her co-stars, as her last photo was a selfie with Kyle Echarri taken minutes before this interview, while her latest screenshot was that of Zaijian Jaranilla from the ASAP Natin ‘To production.

That ASAP Natin ‘To guesting was truly one for the books for them, as Miggy, who plays Poch in the story, saved the art card on his phone and took a photo of the stage. He shared that performing on the show was a dream he had as a kid. He might be going on vacation soon as he recently looked up Bali flights.

His last call was with JK Labajo; while his latest message received was from his mom telling him that his order from a shopping app arrived. That recent item he bought online was a dog collar; and the recent series watched was “Friends,” which he considers his “pampatulog.”

Even Tommy, who portrays Kenji, likewise took a screenshot of their ASAP Natin ‘To guesting; while the recent photo he took was a mirror selfie. His latest series watched was “Schitt’s Creek,” last song played was “Sweet Tea” by Snoh Aalegra, and last item bought was a pair of mesh shorts. Thanks to this phone raid, we learned that Tommy is an Instagram guy; and that he’s into astrology based on his last Google search which is “Deepika Padukone Birth Chart.”

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