Senior High veterans “Spill The Tea” about their castmates

As the investigations on the mysterious and tragic death of Luna (Andrea Brillantes), the happenings in Senior High continues to get suspenseful and exciting. But unlike what we usually see onscreen, the mood behind the scenes is actually just light and fun as the gregarious cast members actually close-knit ties.

And we’re able to get a glimpse of it in Senior High’s “Spill the Tea” series, wherein the senior stars reveal “who’s who” among their ensemble cast.

The Part 1 of this series features Angel Aquino, Gerald Madrid, Kean Cipriano, and Sylvia Sanchez, who voted that Xyriel Manabat, Kyle Echarri, JK Labajo, and Gerald have the biggest appetite.



They all consider Sylvia as the most generous or pinakagalante, with the veteran character actress nominating herself and her daughter Gela Atayde. She also observed that her child is the quietest among the ensemble, while it’s Zaijian Jaranilla, Angel, and Mon Confiado for the rest.

For the most talkative, it would be Sylvia, Baron Geisler, Inka Magnaye, and Xyriel while the “bullies” are Kyle, JK, Kean, and Sylvia.

While everyone is on their phones, especially when the reels are not rolling or they’re waiting for their turn to be filmed, Angel, Kean, Sylvia, and Gerald revealed that the Gen Z cast members led by Andrea do it most of the time.

Angel was almost the unanimous pick as the most sleepyhead, but Sylvia vouched for her daughter Gela and even showed pictures of her while sleeping on the set to prove her claim.

He may be one of the “pinakatahimik,” but Zaijian is revealed to be also among the most energetic, along with Andrea, Kean, Xyriel. The tandem of Andrea and Xyriel are also the frontrunners when it comes to being the “pinakabibo.”

None of them may be latecomers, but it seems that Angel, Andrea, and Mon are the earliest birds on the set according to this group.

Meanwhile, Baron Geisler, Desiree del Valle, Mon Confiado, and Ana Abad-Santos comprise the second batch of the “Spill The Tea” series.



For them, the “pinakamalakas kumain” are Gerald Madrid, Desiree, and Kakki Teodoro while Sylvia is still the top pick for the “pinakagalante.

Zaijian is nominated as the “pinakatahimik” anew, alongside Miggy Jimenez and Tommy Alejandrino. The same goes to Xyriel who is named as the “pinakamadaldal” for the second time, with Gerald and JK being considered to the title, too.

Amusingly, JK’s onscreen parents Mon and Ana both voted for him as the “bully” of the group. The Gen Z cast members are also the ones who use their phones most often on the set, with Ana also nominating her onscreen husband Mon.

The nominees for the “pinakaantukin” are JK, Andrea, Tommy, and Gerald; while the most energetic are Xyriel, JK, and Sylvia. Xyriel is also the frontrunner when it comes to being bibo, along with Xyriel and Baron.

They also attested that none of the cast members arrive on the set late, but Mon and Desiree are seemingly the earliest of the early birds.

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