This or That with Senior High cast

You will meet a lot of people in high school. There are campus jocks, geniuses who love Science and Math, and the life of the party who always looks forward to dismissal time to hang out with friends outside school.

The stars of Kapamilya series “Senior High” give us little clues of what kind of classmate they are as they play “This or That” campus edition.



In the first video, you’ll find the younger cast members Andrea  Brillantes, Kyle Echarri, Juan Karlos Labajo, Zaijian Jaranilla, Xyriel Manabat, Elijah Canlas, Daniela Stranner, Gela Atayde, Tommy Alejandrino, and Miggy Jimenez choosing “uwian” over “recess” in the first round.

Then, they were torn between Science and Math, with the former getting picked by Juan Karlos, Tommy, Gela, and Miggy. Meanwhile, Math received some love from Elijah, Kyle, Zaijian, Daniela, and Xyriel. But our main girl Andrea picked both. Yup, why choose just one when you can excel in both?

We know that all the fun happens in the last row, so they’d rather sit there than in the front row, except Andrea who’d rather stay in the middle. She knows how to balance fun and studies, we suppose.

They were almost unanimous in choosing listening over reading, only Andrea and Daniela went for the second option. In another round, Gela, Andrea, Kyle, Zaijian, Daniela, and Xyriel went for solo studying while the rest preferred group study sessions.

The bunch was evenly split when asked to take their pick between handwritten and typewritten, as well as with late dismissal and early class, and homework and quiz. Between school uniform and P.E. uniform, all chose the latter except Tommy. All of them would rather get sent to the clinic than the guidance office except, again, Tommy, and Elijah.



In the second video, you’ll find Angel Aquino, Baron Geisler, Mon Confiado, Desiree del Valle, Gerald Madrid, Kean Cipriano, Ana Abad Santos, and Sylvia Sanchez taking on a similar challenge.

They were first ask to vote between money allowance and packed lunch, with only Angel and Baron going for option number two, while Kean and Sylvia thought it’d be better to have both.

Everyone prefers personal service than school service. They also favor not-so-strict than strict, except Kean who thinks he’s a good mix of both.

Between professional tutor and guardian, only Mon and Gerald picked the latter option. Then, only Angel, Ana, and Baron would rather be smart than studious. Most of them prefer extracurricular activities than academics, except Gerald and Sylvia, while Kean and Desiree believe these two aspects must be well-balanced.

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