"Senior High" behind-the-scenes photos that prove the Acosta family isn’t toxic in real life

The Acosta family from "Senior High" has a glitzy life that other people could only fancy. They live inside a luxurious house, drive expensive cars, and socialize with some of the country’s elite families. They are so crazy rich that they can buy anything – or anyone. 

But there really is a certain price to pay for being influential. Because apart from their wealth, their family is also full of drama and mystery and secrets. 

"Senior High" is mainly about unmasking the dark, ugly side of a prestigious campus where one of its students allegedly died of suicide. It also depicts how the wealthiest and most powerful people have secrets that they hope to take to their graves, and that things do not look like what they are when money is used to manipulate the truth. They may have all the material things but that doesn’t mean they live a peaceful life. Now that’s actually sad. 

But before we get too carried away, it’s also nice to see that the Acosta family – Mon Confiado, Ana Abad-Santos, and Juan Karlos Labajo – are the exact opposite of what they play on TV. You’ll be surprised to know that they couldn’t stop smiling even when they have to be serious and intense once the cameras begin rolling. 

Check out these behind-the-scenes photos that prove the Acostas aren’t all evil!

‘Bugbugan’ confrontation scenes are intense and exhausting yet they’re still playful enough to take an ‘after’ photo: 

Senior High BTS

This trio’s chemistry is always so top-tier and their visuals so on-point that they can teach us a thing or two about making the perfect pose for family portraits. 

Senior High BTS Acosta Family

The picture above was so in-character that it ended up as a display photo in the Acosta abode, together with these snaps. So much power in a photograph! 

BTS Acosta Family
SH BTS Acosta Family

Don’t be fooled by their toxicity on camera, because off-cam, Mon and JK are the sweetest, goofiest duo.

SH Acosta Family
Senior High Acosta Family

Governor Acosta isn’t a fan of the Cruz twins in the story, which is a stark contrast to how pleasant Mon is to their show’s lead star, Andrea Brillantes. 

Senior High BTS Acosta Fam

When will we see the Acosta father-and-son act this warm toward Sky Love Cruz in the narrative? Hmmm. 

In the recent happenings in Northford High, Gov. Acosta and Cecille have become insanely enraged as their son, Gino, gets implicated in Luna (Andrea Brillantes)’s mysterious death. 

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Photo credits to monconfiado, anaabadsantos, jklabajo_offical Instagram