Revisit the beginnings of Tim and Poch’s brewing romance in “Senior High”

Ever since it premiered last August, Senior High has turned our weeknights with mystery, thrill, and drama as it takes us to the lead protagonist Sky Cruz’s excruciating journey in seeking justice and finding out the truth behind the death of her twin sister Luna, both characters being played by Andrea Brillantes.

But what’s a teleserye without a tinge of romance, right? And this series isn’t short with kilig scenes brought to us by the various pairings formed among its adored characters. And one of the ships we wish to continue sailing is Tim and Poch, compellingly portrayed by promising actors Zaijian Jaranilla and Miggy Jimenez. As ardent supporters of their tandem look forward to seeing if there’s going to be a chance for their relationship to keep going, let’s revisit how it all started for them in this Kapamilya Update feature!

Those who have been ardently watching Senior High would surely know that sparks began to fly between them when their basketball coach reprimanded them after engaging in an altercation. As a punishment, he ordered them to talk their issues out with one another which they had to do while holding a ball on their chests. Wanting to trigger his rage, Poch mocked Tim by attempting to kiss him in jest.

While he used to be annoyed by Poch, we saw how Tim differently reacted when he told him how “cute” he is if he’s being sarcastic. That happened during their conversation at the hotel room where they stayed for their out-of-town basketball tournament. Tim also wasn’t able to maintain his focus while talking to his girlfriend Roxy (Xyriel Manabat) via video call as Poch suddenly took off his jersey in front of him, as if intentionally trying to tease him and catch his attention.

Poch might get on his nerves most of the time, but Tim wasn’t able to conceal his delight upon finding out that Poch protected him from a member of the opposing team who was about to attack him inside the court during their basketball game.

Just when Tim thought that Poch was just being friendly and picking on him, he was completely taken aback and jumped up while sitting down after Poch suddenly kissed him while he was consoling him during his vulnerable moments. Thus, we didn’t really expect to see Tim so perplexed while staring at the selfie that Poch sent to him and couldn’t decide whether to just “like” it or give it a “heart”.

As Poch once again attempted to kiss Tim, the latter rejected it much to the former’s dismay. But we were so astonished when Tim held his face and gave him a peck on the forehead instead. And then they had a tight and warm embrace.

It seems that Poch and Tim already find it difficult to hide their feelings for each other anymore as they brazenly held hands – well, their pinkies intertwined – while taking their recess at the school cafeteria and being surrounded by their schoolmates. They only stopped when their classmate Kenji (Tommy Alejadrino) arrived and expressed his disbelief in seeing them together.

After being averse to Poch’s advances, ultimately gave in to his feelings for him as he initiated their kiss during that time when there were just the two of them inside the locker room of the men’s basketball team of their school.

Taking part in LGBT-themed stints is actually nothing new to both young actors anymore as they already did it in their past projects. Zaijian played the gay titular role in the 2020 comedy film “Boyette: Not A Girl Yet”, while Miggy is among the cast members of the 2020 BL (boys love) web series “Gameboys.”

Will Roxy and the people around them discover the brewing romance between them soon? Let’s all find out by not missing an episode of Senior High, weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5 and A2Z.