Phone Raid with the Aguerro fam of “Senior High”!

For sure, many viewers abhor the Aguerro family of the well-loved primetime teleserye “Senior High because of how problematic and antagonistic each of its members is. From the parents Harry and Sasha Aguerro, compellingly portrayed by Baron Geisler and Desiree del Valle, to their children Zyra and Archie, impressively played by Daniela Stranner and Elijah Canlas, they were all really keen in making the lives of Sky (Andrea Brillantes) and Tanya (Angel Aquino) living hell.

But while they’re hated onscreen, you’ll surely love how cool and fun-loving they actually are in real life. And we’re able to see that in this fun phone raid that gave us a glimpse of who they are through their fun activities!



The first thing they revealed was the last text message they either sent or received. Elijah disclosed that his came from girlfriend Miles Ocampo who told him “I miss you,” while Daniela sent a picture of her being in sleepy mood to her mom. For Desiree, it’s from her husband Boom Labrusca who notified her that he’s just at a gym, while Baron was reminded by his dentist regarding his appointment next month.

For the last call they had, Elijah imparted that he had a conversation with his baby cousin over Facetime, while it was with a driver that she probably booked from a ride-hailing app for Daniela. On the other hand, Desiree and Baron both spoke to their respective spouses.

With regard to their last Google search, it seemed that Elijah was curious to find out what his fate would be as he read a horoscope article from Vogue India. Since Senior High touches the topic of mental illness, Daniela looked up the different types of it in her pursuit of further educating herself. Desiree, meanwhile, is apparently going to treat herself with new pair of shoes as she checked out the website of an American luxury brand.

Baron had an interesting Google search as he imparted that he and his wife Jamie looked up the cast of May Bukas Pa the night before the filming of this phone raid. According to him, they searched about Zaijian and Xyriel as they’re both delighted with how ABS-CBN took good care of his younger Senior High castmates ever since they were child stars, just like what the company did to him.

When it comes to the last photo they took, Elijah showed his snap of the ASAP Natin ‘To stage that he captured during the guesting of the Senior High cast. Daniela took a gorgeous selfie, while Desiree couldn’t get enough of her unico hijo Alexander, who appeared so adorable in a picture of him that she took while riding on a trash bag filled with old clothes. Baron, on the other hand, took a video of the Senior High cast during their press conference.

Even though both of them are Gen Zs, Elijah and Daniela are apparently fond of listening to songs that are quite old based on the last songs they played. It was “Digital Love” by Daft Punk for Elijah, while it’s “Do It To It” by Cherish and Sean Paul for Daniela. Since she’s a devoted mom, it didn’t come as a surprise when Desiree said that it’s “The Excavator Song” by Blippi for her, since she has a toddler who loves trucks. Baron, meanwhile, didn’t reveal what was the title of the last song he played as he simply pressed the “play” button and grooved to it.

For the last item they purchased online, it was food that he ordered from a food delivery service for Elijah, while it’s pee pads for her beloved dogs for Daniela. Desiree bought a white umbrella, while Baron got coffee and tea canisters.

Being the supportive and dedicated cast member that he is, Elijah revealed that he recently checked out his movie “Blue Room” on Netflix, which also stars his Senior High castmate Juan Karlos Labajo. Apparently, “Gossip Girl” is one of Daniela’s all-time favorite series since she’s been rewatching it, while Desiree has been binge-watching the season 3 of “And Just Like That.” On the other hand, Baron arguably surprised and delighted the fans of Korean drama series “Mask Girl” when he revealed that he’s into it nowadays.

When it comes to their most unread messages, Elijah disclosed that he has 1,724 unopened emails, while Daniela has 305 unread text messages. Desiree, meanwhile, doesn’t like seeing notifications on her phone, so it seems that she immediately opens her messages upon receiving one. Baron shared that its probably on X (formerly Twitter), since he hasn’t checked his inbox for a while.

As someone who’s passionate in his craft, Elijah likes to read film reviews on the social platform Letterboxd, making it his most used app. Juggling her mommy duties and showbiz commitments, it seems that Desiree usually spends most of her leisure time on Netflix. For Daniela and Baron, meanwhile, it would be social media apps Instagram and Viber, respectively.

And ultimately, for the last screenshots they took, Elijah revealed that it was a snapshot from a ride-hailing and delivery app as he was tracking his order. Both Daniela and Desiree’s last screenshots were Senior High-related, while Baron couldn’t contain his laughter as he showed the photo of him that he forwarded to his aesthetics doctor to tell him/her that he wants his eyebags removed, which made him laugh.

Which of these revelations piqued your interest the most, Kapamilya?

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