Phone Raid with JK Mon and Ana

We may arguably not want to be part of nor be affiliated with their powerful yet dysfunctional family on Senior High, but you’ll surely want to hang out with the actors behind the Acosta family – comprised by Mon Confiado as the domineering and abusive Gov. William Acosta, Ana Abad Santos as the submissive and erratic Cecille, and Juan Karlos Labajo as the loving yet rebellious unico hijo Gino – once you see how blithesome they are actually in real life.

And we’re able to see that facet of them in this fun phone raid wherein the three of them gave us a peek of their recent phone activities. 

First off was the last text message they received, with JK sharing that he got a message from Moira (probably his fellow Kapamilya singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre) asking if he was okay, to which he smilingly replied, “I’m okay.” Many, for sure, can relate to Mon, whose last SMS was from a mobile payments service platform notifying him that P500 was deducted from his account. Similar with Ana, who seemingly exchanged messages with her insurance agent recently.

Fans of JK’s friendship with co-star Kyle Echarri were surely delighted when the latest call he had was with him. Meanwhile, it was his child for Mon who asked him to usher him/her to the mall, while it was Shu Takahashi for Ana.

Being a musician, it didn’t come as a surprise that JK’s last Google search is something music-related, which was a Nord Stage 4 keyboards. For Mon, it seemed that he recently had a craving as he looked up a famous Chinese restaurant, while Ana is presumably planning to have a short curly bob. 

With regard to the last photo they took, JK flexed his snap with one of the bosses of his record label Universal Music Group Philippines, its Managing Director Enzo Valdez. Mon showed a photo he took in front of a Chinese restaurant after eating there, while Ana delighted us with her groufie with JK, Kyle, and Andrea. 

The three of them had interesting tastes in music, as revealed by the last songs they played. It was “I Love You. It’s A Fever Dream” by Swedish singer-songwriter The Tallest Man On Earth for JK, “Ikaw Lang” by Nobita for Mon, and “Come Over” by Rudimental feat. Anne Marie for Ana. 

When asked for the last items they purchased online, JK revealed that it was a water bottle for him, while Mon said that he perhaps bought a charger. Ana, meanwhile, couldn’t keep her mirth when she divulged that it was a bikini for her.

Since their schedules have been so hectic, the three of them find it difficult to check all the messages that they receive every day. JK disclosed that he has 682 unread emails, Mon had an undetermined number of unopened documents, while Ana has a whopping 35,367 unread emails. 

Unlike people his age who were into TikTok, social media, or gaming, JK revealed that his most used app is actually YouTube. And it’s actually his onscreen parents who are into social networking sites as he often spends time on Facebook, while she checks her Instagram most frequently.

And lastly, for their last screenshots, it was car rental prices for JK, a photo of him outside the Metropolitan Theater that he subsequently edited for Mon, and a snap with her beloved son Tommy for Ana. 

Which of these did you find the most interesting, Kapamilya?

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