Phone Raid: Find out which “Senior High” star watched a cheesy film, searched up a new hairstyle, and more

Every screenshot, playlist, Google search – every item seen on one’s mobile phone – has a story to tell!

There’s a reason why people become attached to their mobile devices. It's like an extension of themselves, a small unit that reveals their personality. So, to get to know them better, we raided the phones of the Senior High cast members.

In the first video, Zaijian Jaranilla, Xyriel Manabat, and Gerald Madrid share what’s on their phones.



Based on this phone raid, we can tell that Zaijian is a typical teenage guy who’s chill and sweet. His last message was sent to his dad, while the last person he called was his friend. The last item in his gallery is a groufie with his Senior High buddies Elijah Canlas and JK Labajo. A peek into his search history says that he looked up Facebook while his most used app is Netflix.

Let’s see what Xyriel’s phone usage pattern tells about her! The last message was sent to her road manager, while her latest call was with her boyfriend. Funny but real, she revealed that her last Google search was the spelling of Leonardo DiCaprio’s name, “Baka kasi mamali ako ng pronunciation.” Xyriel cracked us up when she seemed clueless as to why “Zombieverse” was her last series watched, “Parang may iba na namang nakigamit,” she quipped. The last item she bought online was a dress that she was supposed to wear during the Dirty Linen media conference but it didn’t arrive on time.

Based on his phone’s content, we can say that Gerald is ‘astig’ but a total softie to his wife. Proof? He loves getting updates from his misis, whom he shared his last text message and phone call with. His latest photo is with showbiz personality Darla Sauler. He’s more of a Viber guy and his most used app is Google Chrome. He listened to “Patience” by Guns N’ Roses, searched for NBA updates, and watched the film Lola Igna on Netflix.



In the second clip, it’s Kyle Echarri and Sylvia Sanchez’s turn to reveal what’s on their phones, starting off with their last text message, which was a payment confirmation for Kyle; and for Sylvia, an update from her son. On their last call, Kyle's was with JK; while Sylvia’s was with her daughter Gela Atayde.

Kyle is in a romantic mood lately as he watched “The Notebook” and searched up the lyrics to Paramore’s “The Only Exception.”

He listened to Natalia Lafourcade’s “Para Que Sufrir,” a Spanish song. We also learned that Spotify is his most used application. He has over 15, 000 unread e-mail messages.

Meanwhile, Sylvia searched for a new hairstyle, specifically that of American actress Annette Bening. She also watched “Heart of Stone.” Her last screenshot was an old photo of hers; the latest item she bought was probably a fruit, and her most used app is Instagram.

After discovering the cast members’ phone content, our next agenda is to unravel the mysteries in Northford High.

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