Juan Karlos Labajo It’s Me High

Six years after his last acting stints in the primetime series A Love To Last and in the “Pikon” episode of Ipaglaban Mo, fans of Juan Karlos Labajo were surely thrilled when it was confirmed that he would be part of the then-highly anticipated youth-oriented series Senior High. Playing one of the main cast Gino Acosta, he indeed impressed us with his dramatic chops as a young man who saw himself in the middle of a hullabaloo involving his family, friends, and the girl he loves.

As the controversial series approaches its “Ender to Remember” finale, let us discover more about him as he exposes the things and traits that make him “high” in this “It’s Me, High” feature!

According to JK, he’s usually emotionally high whenever he watches movies that make him cry. While going to the gym stimulates him to be actively high, being in Poblacion, Makati City is where he finds himself intensely high.

Being the artist that he is, the “Ere” hitmaker considers performing onstage and in front of the camera as his natural high.

With regard to the kind of person that highly impresses him, it would be ambitious people. On the other hand, he seems to immediately drive off arrogant people as they upset him so much.

In order to stay highly motivated, JK related that he just simply accepts the fact that he’s not always going to be motivated and that is really fine. Regardless of his level of motivation, he just keeps on going, goes about his day, and lets things be.

Showbusiness can be highly demanding and super exhausting, yet JK is able to manage the pressure it brings by not caring about what people say and only focusing on what he has and what he’s doing – as long as he does not inflict harm on other people. He firmly believes that if you allow those to get into you, it could surely derail you from the path that you want to take.

Thus, he just chooses to stick to his goals instead of letting himself affected by the high expectations that society has for Gen Zs like him. He may be open to constructive criticisms and opinions of others, but that doesn’t mean that he would use that “pain(t)” to his own canvas. He reminded us that we just have to let things in sometimes, yet we do not need to completely digest them. “Again, I just let it be and just chill,” he utters.

And lastly, with regard to his high hopes for himself and his family, JK wishes nothing but for everyone around him to be healthy. For his career, he just wants to see what’s in store for him.

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