What the cast will look like High Street

Ever since it was announced that the hit teen dark drama series “Senior High” is indeed having a sequel officially entitled “High Street,” avid viewers and fans of the cast members couldn’t be more excited to see it soon and find out what happened to the main characters and their loved ones after the first season concluded last January.  

Over the past weeks, we’ve been able to get some noteworthy details regarding the much-awaited sequel through the story conference and interviews with the casts held last March, including how the story will unfold five years after the main characters graduated from the famous Northford High, the developments in the narrative that the cast and the audiences alike are looking forward to, and the additional characters that we should watch out for.

And on Monday, April 8, Dreamscape Entertainment further stirred our excitement after it released a montage of the casts’ look test across its social media platforms and on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s official YouTube channel, giving us a glimpse of what they’re going to look like in the upcoming Season 2.

Based on their outfits, it seems that the characters of Inka Magnaye (as Becca), Rans Rifol (as Ria), Angeli Bayani (Edith), and Ana Abad Santos (as Cecille) are going to live quite differently from how they used to be in the first season. The same with Angel Aquino’s Tania whose transformation into a corporate woman is confirmed by her simple office attire in this shoot.

By just looking at the facial reaction and piercing glare of Mon Confiado, we are certain that his villain character William, who appears much older and has a huge scar on the right side of his face, is not yet done sowing wickedness. Apparently, he aims to seek revenge on everyone who exposed his wrongdoings and messed his plans up after surviving his fatal mishap in the finale of “Senior High.”

With regard to the young main actors, we were stoked to see Tommy Alejandrino happily brandishing a ring on his left ring finger. As to whoever the partner of his character Kenji is going to be, we still have to watch for the next updates or just wait for the series’ highly anticipated release.

However, we couldn’t help but think of the possibility that it’s his with his best friend Sanya, played by Gela Atayde, since they wore clothes that are quite similar in colors and are spotted together in one part of the shoot.

Meanwhile, it’s quite hard to figure out how Poch and Archie, compellingly portrayed by Miggy Jimenez and Elijah Canlas, are going to fare in the second season. But what many of us are really interested in is to see how their respective relationships with Tim and Roxy, impressively played by former child stars Zaijian Jaranilla and Xyriel Manabat, will be. Unlike Poch and Archie, it was relatively easy for us to find out that former flames Tim and Roxy are going to be a policeman and nurse, respectively, as both of them wore uniforms.

Similarly, Andrea Brillantes and Juan Karlos are apparently going to be part of the corporate world based on their attires. At the same time, it seems that their characters Sky and Gino will be romantically enmeshed with each other five years after the death of her boyfriend Obet (Kyle Echarri) and with no trace of Z (Daniela Stranner) yet.

When it comes to the new cast members, newcomer Ralph de Leon being spruced up makes us assume that he’s rich or comes from an affluent family. Contrarily, AC Bonifacio and Harvey Bautista’s laid-back outfits exude vibes that they possess go-getter personalities.

Meanwhile, Dimples Romana and Romnick Sarmenta’s appearances suggest that they can be top executives or owners of a company or a firm. Dimples is also seen posing for photos with Andrea, AC, and Harvey, hinting that they’re probably working together most of the time in the upcoming season.

Did this look test make you more excited about “High Street,” Kapamilya?