Kilig Senior High Tandems

It has been a school year full of spark at Northford High School as the chemistry among its students blossomed around the campus. 

While we’ve gotten used to biting our nails in excitement over the mystery-laden narrative of “Senior High,” we’ve also swooned over the pairs serving up kilig in some scenes, especially the tandems we didn’t see coming. 

Now that the show is down to its “Ender to Remember,” the kilig feels bitin. We are craving and ready for more, so here’s to manifesting follow-up projects for these on-screen couples that we’ve shipped in “Senior High.”  

Elijah Canlas and Xyriel Manabat

From fiery dislike to subtle moments of affection! Roxy (Xyriel) and Archie (Elijah) engaged in exciting verbal sparring on campus throughout the school year. 

But there’s something so endearing about two people with electrifying chemistry often caught up in adorable ‘bangayan,’ especially when emotions intensify beyond their control and they get frustrated that they can’t seem to understand what they feel.  

Roxy and Archie have gained legions of shippers with their unlikely ‘love story.’ But we can all agree that the characters’ dynamic wouldn’t be as enticing as it is in the series if not for Elijah and Xyriel’s sharp acting skills. Not only did they exude chemistry on screen, but they also charmed viewers with their on-point portrayals of the characters' journey, hence viewers believe these two deserve to have their moment after Senior High

Zaijian Jaranilla and Miggy Jimenez

While Zaijian and Xyriel, the OG couple in the story look cute together, it can’t be denied that Zaijian’s BL tandem with Miggy exuded a unique and enchanting charisma. 
Not all actors can paint a BL story with much depth, beauty, and realism. It takes bravery and organic talent, which Zaijian and Miggy certainly possess. Add to that, their characters’ emotions are laid bare through their gazes, making us feel like we’re part of Tim (Zaijian) and Poch (Miggy)’s world. Because of this connection, the prospect of a new Zaijian-Miggy project or perhaps a spin-off of TimPoch’s story fuels our anticipation. 

Kyle Echarri and Andrea Brillantes 

While we’re already familiar with Kyle and Andrea’s chemistry as they were once known for their teenage loveteam, their seamless transition into more mature roles as Obet and Sky/Luna have made us admire them all over again.  The palpable chemistry, versatile performances, and newfound depth in acting are indicative of their readiness for bolder projects. We can’t wait to see these BFFs work together anew and witness their journey as even brighter actors. 

Juan Karlos Labajo and Andrea Brillantes

The scenes of them singing together, sharing a conversation, and locking eyes totally put us in the mood for love. When together, they allow their characters to be vulnerable, which has endeared them to many viewers whom they organically connect with. Because of their unmistakable chemistry, JK and Blythe deserve to be paired up again. 

Daniela Stranner and Juan Karlos Labajo 

Although many viewers don’t want their characters to end up in the story, as they say that two broken people can’t fix each other, we can't leave out the fact that Daniela and JK look good together on screen. Their chemistry and visual combination are pure masterpiece, thus producers can never go wrong with putting these two in the same project again. 

Kudos to “Senior High” for brewing a new batch of on-screen couples to root for. However, as we eagerly wait for their next assignments, we refuse to part ways with their “Senior High” characters just yet.

Let’s savor the remaining episodes of “Senior High,” weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z.