Gino & Sky Kilig Scenes Senior High

As avid viewers of Kapamilya series “Senior High,” nothing feels more satisfying to us than uncovering clues and watching explosive truth bombs drop one after another. But the story is unravelled in such a way that when we think we’ve solved the mysteries, something happens to mislead and keep us overthinking again. “Mas mahirap pa ‘to sa midterm exams,” some netizens would wittily comment.

Well, we deserve a breather from the brain-wracking guessing games. And for that, we can rely on Sky (Andrea Brillantes) and Gino (Juan Karlos Labajo)’s ‘kilig’ moments. Sit back and savor the ‘feels’ of a blossoming romance by watching this Kapamilya Update video that compiled GinoKy’s heart-melting scenes.

Gino and Sky first gave us a taste of sweet love when they were tasked to collaborate on a school project, for which they chose to compose a song. Of course, they performed their piece in front of the class, and boy did they sound perfect! It was sweet not only because of Sky’s honeyed vocals but also with how Gino kept staring into her eyes.

Now we know what romantics meant when they coined the term ‘look of love.’ Jumping from that scene, the two accidentally gazed into each other’s eyes again during an intimate conversation where she thanked him for defending her from Z (Daniela Stranner).

Of course, nothing spells ‘kilig’ more than when a guy makes you smile with a compliment. Gino couldn’t help but admire Sky’s beauty, telling her, “You look gorgeous,” when she arrived at Sanya (Gela Atayde)’s birthday party. On that night, the two were requested to serenade the guests with a lovely duet.

And the night didn’t end there, as he decided to drop her home. The two were talking outside when Gino hastily saved Sky from getting hit by a motorcycle. He pulled her close and they ended up hugging each other as they lost balance. Gino was so stunned that it took a few moments before he realized he must let go of Sky so she could stand up. He said he must check his car’s dashboard camera when he received a text message from his mom asking him to go home. Gino said goodbye to Sky, and then kissed her on the cheek.

Who else is looking forward to watching more of Gino and Sky’s kilig scenes?

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