Fun phone raid with Andrea, Angel and Kean

There’s definitely no doubt that Andrea Brillantes, Angel Aquino, and Kean Cipriano are among the most talented and versatile artists in the local entertainment scene. And that is proven by their beyond impressive performances in the well-loved teen drama series Senior High.

But even though they’re popular, there are still things that we certainly do not know about them yet, such as their recent phone activities! Check out this latest reel in which the three stars were seen enthusiastically taking on this fun phone raid!



Each of them was asked to reveal the last 10 things that they did in their phone. The first one was the last text message they either sent or received. For Andrea, it was her text to her ate that read, “ay, now mo pa lang ‘yan ise-send?”, while Angel was notified by her personal driver, “nandito na po ako”. Meanwhile, it was their co-star Sylvia Sanchez who Kean last messaged as he sent his number to her.

Andrea’s last phone call was with her best friend and Senior High castmate Kyle Echarri, who asked her if they were already done taping, while it was still Sylvia for Kean. Angel, on the other hand received a spam call.

For their last Google search, it seems that Andrea is pondering about adding a new bag to her collection and it’s eyeing for a vintage Prada nylon tote bag. Meanwhile, Angel’s last search got us really curious as to why she’s looking up for “Virgo Tiger combination.” And being the supportive and hands-on that he is, Kean made sure to check out the lyric visualizer of the song of Madam, an all-female group under his label O/C Records.

Andrea then showed the video she took after her sabunutan with Z (Daniela Stranner) when asked for the last thing that she captured with her phone. For Angel, it’s a groufie with co-stars Ana Abad Santos, Gerald Madrid, and Kean, while it’s a snap with her onscreen partner Angel Aquino for Kean.

Based on the last songs they played, our three stars are apparently inclined to chill music. It’s “Static” by Steve Lacy for Andrea; “To Sir, with Love” by Lulu, an OST from the 1967 film of the same title, for Angel; while it’s “Paraluman” by Adie for Kean, whose music career he also manages via O/C Records.

With regard to the last item they purchased online, Andrea imparted that it’s a refillable perfume glass bottle for her travels, while it’s boxing mitts for Kean. Angel, on the other hand, revealed that she doesn’t shop online anymore, but it’s probably food for her.

They may have been busy with work, but the three actors are still able to make time for leisure, such as watching various contents they’re fond of. Being an anime geek that she is, the last series that Andrea has seen was “One Piece”, while it’s the documentary regarding the history of LA Lakers, which is perhaps his most favorite NBA team, for Kean. For Angel, it’s her previous TV project Dirty Linen, which was replaced by Senior High in its timeslot. 

And speaking of being busy, it seems that they are just like some of us who are not so keen in checking their phones that much, which led to them having hundreds and thousands of unread messages. Andrea’s has a total of 789 unopened notifications, while Kean disclosed that he’s likely to have truckloads of unread messages in Viber. Angel pleaded the viewers to not judge her for she has 442 unopened SMS, 5,708 unread emails, and 6,524 unseen messages on Viber.

Being the New Gen Z Queen that she is, it somehow didn’t come as a surprise that Andrea’s most used app is TikTok, wherein she recently spent 7 hours and 31 minutes. For Angel, it’s Google Chrome and Spotify, while Kean divulged that it is Viber and Instagram for him.

And lastly, for the last screenshot they took, it’s the aforementioned Prada tote bag for Andrea, while it’s a copy of his online money transfer transaction for Kean, as he sent money to his driver. Angel, on the other hand, was seemingly bewildered what was it, but she said that it could be her script.

Which of these interesting revelations wowed you the most, Kapamilya?