Senior High Ender To Remember Finale

What goes around definitely comes back around.

And this is what happened in the “The Ender To Remember” finale week of Senior High as we witnessed the unexpected death of Police Chief Col. Harry Aguerro (Baron Geisler) and the fatal fall of Governor William Acosta (Mon Confiado) – almost the same fate as the victims of their wickedness.

But prior to these climactic scenes, there were a slew of gut-wrenching, appalling, and heartbreaking happenings that unfolded, which really brought us to the edge of our seats and kept us glued to our screens. 

What was supposed to be a fun and majestic night for the students of Northford High, turned out to be tragic as Obet (Kyle Echarri) got killed during his intense confrontation with Police Chief Col. Harry Aguerro (Baron Geisler), the father of his girlfriend Sky (Andrea Brillantes). 

Whether it was Obet’s intention to not drop his call with Sky or not, this allowed his schoolmates to hear his heated argument with Harry regarding his and his daughter Z’s (Daniela Stranner) involvement in Luna’s death as Harry was finally compelled to confess. 

As she was really keen to have Harry and Z pay for the crimes they committed and give justice to what happened to Luna and Obet, Sky persistently looked for evidences with the help of her schoolmate Kenjie (Tommy Alejandrino). And they found a selfie of Z with her certificate taken during their awarding ceremony – the same evening when Luna plunged to her death. 

While Archie (Elijah Canlas) accompanied Z at a psychiatric facility, their parents Harry and Sasha (Desiree del Valle) were quarrelling after the latter’s father and paramour got arrested for drug-related charges. As Harry threatened to also file a case against her, Sasha had no choice but to heed his demand for her to leave their house.

During his conversation with Gino (Juan Karlos Labajo) over the phone, Archie remembered one important detail that he missed to tell everyone – he was able to speak to Z through the phone when Luna die. She told him that she was at a restaurant with Governor William Acosta (Mon Confiado). 

When he brought it up to their dad, Harry recounted that Z called him that same night, distraughtly telling him that she killed Luna. Wanting to protect Z, he was compelled to make the difficult decision of hiding what he knew regarding the death of his other daughter. Since he didn’t want her to rot in jail, he told Archie that they would be left with no choice but to file for insanity plea.

A nightmare then jogged Z’s memory, showing that it’s actually not her who pushed Luna off the veranda. Archie decided to film Z as she mustered all the strength and courage left in her body to recollect everything – from how this mess started up to the demise of Luna. It was revealed that it was actually Z – and not Luna – who fell victim to the pedophilic schemes of William as he attempted to groom her by not only helping her out with her academic woes, but for also being too nice to her. 

Luna caught them at William’s office having an intimate moment, which resulted in their catfight and Luna unintentionally taking the special pen given to Z by William. On the night of the awarding ceremony, Z witnessed the heated confrontation between Luna and Cecille (Ana Abad Santos), which made her assume that the former already told the latter. Thus, Z vehemently confronted Luna at the veranda and they had a skirmish to which William meddled. 

As Luna threatened to tell everyone what she found out about him and Z, William choked her and pushed her off the railing. Seeing how distressed Z was, he took advantage of it and pinned the blame on her until she believed it herself and immediately told her dad about it before passing out. Archie sent it to Harry, who angrily called William and ordered his men to catch him.

Meanwhile, Gino (Juan Karlos Labajo) and Cecille were able to recover the missing phone of Luna from one of William’s belongings and retrieved the video taken during her skirmish with Z and William at the veranda. In complete anguish, they sent it to Archie and Harry, which confirmed that Z had been telling the truth all along.

After coercing Harry to help him escape prison, William headed to the psychiatric facility where Z was confined not to simply visit her, but to hold her as hostage in his attempt to run away with her. Harry and his men immediately arrived at the scene after Archie called him and he tried with all his might to save his daughter. Unfortunately, he was fatally shot by William as he attempted to save Sky, who also came and tried to help Z, from being gunned down by him.

A déjà vu happened when William, Z, and Sky convened at the veranda of the facility, wherein he attempted to kill the half-sisters, just what he did to Luna. Until the very end, William pushed himself to Z and insisted to her that it was really her who killed Luna, but to no avail because she had already came into her senses. Sky strongly hit him with a piece of wood and had a skirmish with him, which led to his fall from the veranda, just like what happened to Luna.

While the Northford High senior high students were rejoicing with their parents on their graduation day, Lydia was in deep anguish as she mourned the death of Obet and gave her forgiveness to her other grandson Tonio (Rap Robes) before he got incarcerated.

Aside from being the start of something new for the graduates, this was also the chance for the lead characters to reset their relationships and lives. The Aguerros made peace with the Cruzes as Sasha and Archie apologized to them and thanked Sky for saving Z. Archie also told Sky that they decided to migrate to the United States where Z would undergo therapy and he would pursue his college education. 

He also had the chance to talk to Roxy (Xyriel Manabat), who told him that she’s pregnant with their child. Archie got bewildered upon hearing it and thought of not going with Z and Sasha to the US in order to take good care of her. But she stopped him and told him that he didn’t have to because she can raise their baby by herself and she didn’t want them to be tied with each other since she doesn’t love him in the first place. Nonetheless, Archie promised to go back for her and to not easily give up on pursuing her even from afar.

Tim (Zaijian Jaranilla), who’s the class valedictorian, and Poch (Miggy Jimenez) also had a sweet moment as the latter told the former that he won’t go to the US with his mom anymore because he will truly miss him. They exchanged “I love yous”, with Poch even giving Tim a smooch on the forehead. Afterwards, Brandon (Kean Cipriano) pulled a sweet marriage proposal to Tania (Angel Aquino) in front of everyone, which the latter accepted with the approval of Sky.

The series capped off with the shocking revelation that William is still alive and confined in a hospital.


Rave reactions from fans

Until it’s “The Ender To Remember” finale, Senior High didn’t fail to bring us to the edge of our seats and keep our eyes glued to our screens as we witness a slew of twists and turns unfold in almost every episode. From the tragic death of its central character Luna just on the first week up to the revelation of who the real culprit was in its very last week.

While the storyline itself was interesting, refreshing, and gripping enough to get us hooked with the series throughout its successful run that lasted for 21 weeks and 105 episodes, it was the excellent performances of the veteran, seasoned, and promising stars alike that made the viewers not wanting to miss at least a scene or an episode. 

As the senior thespians were already expected to exhibit notable dramatic chops here, we were absolutely astounded by how the junior actors were able to keep pace with them during their scenes together or acting showdowns.

Andrea really did an incredible job in portraying her first-ever dual characters, especially in the first few episodes, as she was able to differentiate twin sisters Sky and Luna from each other not only by projecting different appearances for them, but by also giving them different personalities.

Kyle and Juan Karlos may be both known for their singing talents, but they were also able to prove that they can act as well, and be truly good at it. We didn’t see the “conyo guy” in Kyle with how he played the simple yet charming lad Obet, and the same with Juan Karlos who served us with his dramatic chops that we indeed missed seeing from him. With their good looks and amazing talent, we can say that both of them are “leading man material”.

Xyriel and Zaijian once again wowed us with their versatility, reminded us why they’re hailed as one of the best child stars of their generation. As she played Roxy, Xyriel incredibly amused us so much with how she can nail both drama and comedy, making us wish to see her more. Similarly, Zaijian’s portrayal of Tim proved how a top-notch actor he already is at a young age.

From being not really well-known, especially by the older generations of viewers, Daniela Stranner has absolutely succeeded not just in introducing herself, but also in making her name known through her commendable portrayal of Z. As a kontrabida, she succeeded in piquing us and stirring our emotions, particularly every time she suffered from her panic attacks. Thus, many believe that she’s going to be the next big kontrabida and dramatic actress to watch out for.

Elijah Canlas and Miggy Jimenez may be new to the eyes of many avid Kapamilyas, but they surely left indelible marks on the viewers because of their noteworthy performances as Archie and Poch, respectively. Meanwhile, Tommy Alejandrino and Gela Atayde might have limited exposures here, yet they both did good jobs in Kenjie and Sanya.

Of course, all the senior stars had praiseworthy performances here. But it was really Mon Confiado and Baron Geisler who arguably stood out among them because of how they succeeded in riling us with their wickedness and ruthlessness as William and Harry, respectively. They really brought out our gigil and anger against them, to the point that we rejoiced with what happened to them in the end (well, except the fact the William is still alive!).

Besides, the pairings formed were not forced, too, as we found all of them admirable and their chemistry so palpable. Although we’ve already seen a lot of love-hate couples in other series and movies, the RoxChie tandem still endeared us with their cuteness. At the same time, many are also all-praises with how the coming out narrative of Tim and his relationship with Poch was so authentically and delicately presented. 

Complete justice may not be achieved yet since William is still alive and not incarcerated yet. But, at least, we were able to find out what really happened and who’s the real suspect after pinning the blame on Z, who’s actually a victim as well.

The finale might have received mixed reactions from viewers, with some netizens strongly hoping for a Part 2 or a spin-off for its creators to be able to address the  questions they have about some of the scenes and how the characters or happenings came to be, but many still agree that it is such a great eye-opener for everyone, especially with regard to the issues faced by Gen Zs. 

A lot of viewers commend it for its bravery in tackling relevant issues about mental health, drugs, domestic violence, bullying, and sexual abuse, as well as its realistic depictions of these, making it a great eye-opener for everything to which we usually turn a blind eye to. 

Apart from the impressive writing and exemplary acting performances, the musical scoring was also impressive as they injected more feels to every scene. The choice of SB19’s “Bazinga” as the OST was also a good call.

Indeed, Dreamscape Entertainment succeeded in delivering another remarkable teleserye through Senior High. And that wouldn’t be possible without the brilliant, hardworking, and talented people behind it, led by top-caliber directors Onat Diaz, Andoy Ranay, Jojo Saguin, and Rico Navarro. 

Here are some of the rave reactions from netizens who got to watch the “The Ender To Remember” finale: