Andrea 21st yacht birthday party

Last March 12, Senior High star Andrea Brillantes marked her 21st birthday! And to celebrate this special milestone, she decided to throw a fun, intimate yacht party attended by her beloved family and her closest friends, which she shared in her latest vlog.

According to her, she and her girlfriends were supposed to be in Las Vegas, Nevada for her birthday escapade, but her visa didn’t come right in time because she opted to attend Taylor Swift’s concert in Tokyo, Japan last February.

Andrea made the whole place shimmer in a mini fuchsia pink dress that she paired with a tiara, a pair of pearl drop earrings, and cute sunglasses – a mesmerizing look she revealed was actually inspired by a meme.

Among those who were present at her party were her Mommy Belle and his siblings Kayla Aan, Nina, and Kismet, and friends Kyle Echarri, Bianca de Vera, Bea Borres, Danica Ongtengco, and Ashley del Mundo.

At night, there was a splendid fireworks display and a wild karaoke and dance session while aboard the yacht, which everyone apparently enjoyed! Thus, Andrea conveyed in the outro of her vlog how happy and satisfied she was with everything that happened at her birthday fete.

She also didn’t forget to thank everyone who took the time to greet her, send her presents, and watch this vlog.

Sa lahat po ng nag-greet sa akin sa birthday ko, thank you so much. Sa lahat ng nanood ng vlog ko, thank you so much. Sana po nag-enjoy kayo. At sa mga nanonood pa ng mga vlogs ko simula noong 18 ako, thank you po sa inyo. I love you all so much. And I’m finally 21. I can’t believe, tumantanda na ako. Ito na talaga, adulthood begins now!” she enthused.

She completely capped off the vlog by giving a shout-out to all her friends who came to celebrate with her despite the very short notice.