6 Shocking Scenes in Senior High

Ever since it premiered in August 2023, Senior High has indeed never fallen short in astounding us in every episode through the top caliber performances of its stellar cast and riveting narrative that continues to get us completely engrossed. Throughout its impressive five-month run, avid viewers surely found themselves at the edge of their seats and totally glued on our screens as we anticipate what are going to happen next.

And now that the controversial series reaches its “Ender To Remember” finale week, let’s look back on some of the shocking scenes that we’d seen, which either surprised us because it was our first time seeing that kind of scene in a local teleserye or blew our minds because we really didn’t see it coming, in this feature.


The real deal between Tanya and Harry

Just on the pilot week of Senior High, it already got us so shookt through the tragic and horrible demise of Luna (Andrea Brillantes). And that led to the unearthing of a series of secrets and mysteries, including the real identity of her and twin sister Sky’s father. As it turned, it was Police Chief Col. Harry Aguerro (Baron Geisler), who’s the one spearheading the investigation on Luna’s death and also the father of her bullies Z (Daniela Stranner) and Archie (Elijah Canlas).

Viewers found out about it when Harry called to Tanya’s (Angel Aquino) phone to scold her about what happened to Luna, not knowing that it was actually Sky who was on the other line. And we’re able to further find out about their past during a heated argument between Tanya and Harry, wherein he reminded her that she was just an ex-convict who he knocked up to bail her out of jail as she threatened him against ruining the life of Sky while she’s studying at Northford High.


Poch suddenly kisses Tim

Apart from the top-caliber performances of its actors and great storytelling, another thing that makes Senior High totally remarkable is its bravery in tackling socially relevant issues that isn’t often seen in teleseryes. And among the topics it has tapped is the LGBTQIA+ community and the struggles and experiences they usually encounter through the story arc of Poch and Tim, compellingly played by Miggy Jimenez and Zaijian Jaranilla, respectively.

While we already got hints where their story was leading through their actions, yet many of us were arguably stunned watching this particular scene where Poch suddenly kissed Tim after the latter consoled the former as he vented out to him and told him everything that none of their schoolmates nor friends probably know.


Sky witnesses what Mr. Castrodes did to Yana

Senior High continued to astonish us when Sky accidentally caught Vice-Principal Reginald Castrodes (Floyd Tena) sexually assaulting her classmate Yana (Nour Hooshmand) in one of the rooms of Northford High. Yana was initially hesitant to ‘fess up about it to Principal Perino (Kakki Teodoro), but eventually gained strength and courage through the encouragement of Sky. That move also urged other victims to come forward, which led to the conviction of Mr. Castrodes. 

Little did everyone expect that Governor William Acosta (Mon Confiado) is actually his accomplice in this scandalous, pedophilic crime. Both of them had preyed on a number of students of Northford High for around 15 years already – as what the sex videos and photos recovered from Gov. Acosta’s laptop suggested. Among their victims was Poch, whose intimate videos were already uploaded online.


William is Poch’s sugar daddy

Aside from simply being one of the victims, it was also revealed that Poch was actually a “boy toy” of the pedophile Gov. Acosta. Viewers were surely shocked when Poch mentioned “daddy” when William called to him while he and Tim were being taken by his henchmen to an unknown place. In the succeeding episodes, we’re able to find out more about their relationship, making the strange vibe in their previous interactions make sense. All along, it was William who provided his needs while his parents were away as his “sugar daddy.”


Archie and Roxy had a one-night stand

From being each other’s enemy and Archie always getting into Roxy’s (Xyriel Manabat) nerves because of how wicked and arrogant he and his sister Z are, we were indeed thrilled to see how the two slowly became close to each other, especially when she got brokenhearted after her breakup with Tim. 

However, many audiences probably didn’t expect that their closeness would go skin deep as they figured in a one-night stand after he saved her from a pervert she met at the bar where they both went one eventful night. Since the series portray the lives of teenagers, it arguably came as a surprise to some to witness this kind of intimate scene involving two young people in a local TV series. 


Obet was shot by Harry during their intense confrontation scene

Last, but definitely not the least, was the unforeseen death of one of its main characters, Obet, impressively portrayed by Kyle Echarri, a few days prior to its finale. This came after the young actor and his co-star Andrea’s first-ever onscreen kiss that thrilled their fans and even trended online. 

Just when we thought that they’re going to have a happy ending, it was hindered by Sky’s father, Harry, during their intense confrontation scene wherein Obet compelled him to confirm that he and his daughter Z were indeed the real culprits behind the death of Luna. As Obet was about to help his Kuya Tonio (Rap Robes) who attempted to rescue him and let him escape, Harry fatally shot Obet to the chest that led to his demise. 

For sure, we’re going to see more shocking scenes in the remaining episodes of Senior High, so you better not miss a single one. Catch it weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live,TV5 and A2Z.