How Leo changed from ruthless villain to an upright man

Those who have been watching the afternoon soap opera Sandugo ever since it premiered around six months ago know that before becoming the vindictive man that he was who harbored wrath against his own family, Leo Balthazar (Aljur Abrenica) used to be a kind son and protective son and brother.

Now that the series is on its final week, let’s take a look back on the rousing journey of Leo from being a vengeful and ruthless anti-hero to becoming the good guy we’re admiring at the present for the gradual changes he’s been doing towards a new, upright life via this Kapamilya Toplist.

As their family figured in a really tough situation, their desperate mom Joan (Cherry Pie Picache) was compelled to sell him off in exchange of the hefty amount that was used for the medication of his ill twin brother Julius Caesar and of the promise of a brighter future for him. But, as we all know, the latter did not happen as the young Leo, who was known then as Aris (or Aristotle), escaped from the notorious human trafficker Dante (Mike Magat) after discovering that he was being sold to a foreigner and attempted to return to his family. He tried to follow them in Pampanga but had a change of heart, thus he opted to go on his own way since then and that’s how he met Ulysses (Gardo Versoza) and Cordelia (Vina Morales) who took care of him and sent him to school in exchange of helping them out in their business.

Reminding himself of how his family neglected him and put him in the predicament where he was then, Leo’s grudge against his estranged family intensified, which fueled him to do everything in order to destroy them. He orchestrated their downfall by attempting to destroy the principle and reputation his righteous father Eugene (Ariel Rivera) used to keep and the happy and beloved family Joan has been protecting. He also sought revenge against JC (Ejay Falcon) by harming him and unleashing the evil in him by feeding his anger and urging him to finish off Dante when he found out that their parents gave Aris away.

As soon as they found out about his real identity, the Reyeses did everything in order to gain his favor but he initially kept on pushing them away and never listened to their pleas and explanations.

Apart from his hidden love to his true family, his adoptive sister Gwen (Reign Parani) was also one of those who convinced him to suspend the operations of their syndicate ForKeeps that he used to manage along with their parents. He tried to beg them, especially Cordelia to start a new life sans the syndicate, but they seemingly both refused.

From plotting vengeful schemes against them, Leo finally welcomed his real family back to his life and rekindled their ties. He began living with them and even bought them a lot of stuff as his way of spoiling them.

Just when we thought that everything’s going to be well for them now that they’ve already reconnected, Ulysses started to hound them anew as he ordered Leo to kill his Tatang Eugene. He refused and, because of this, his adoptive father accomplished his mission, leading to the harrowing death of Eugene. Leo confessed this to Joan and JC and assured them that he will give justice to their patriarch’s death.

Will Leo’s road to becoming good continue until the end? Let’s find out by not missing an episode in the finale week of Sandugo, weekdays on Kapamilya Gold.