PAANDAR 2019: The most riveting, nail-biting encounters of Leo and JC in Sandugo

When Sandugo first aired on television, we all immediately got a taste of how vicious the brawls we're going to witness every afternoon.

The drama's plot follows the rivalry between two brothers who were separated as kids and would go against each other as they stand for different principles in life.

Thus, on its very first day, Sandugo did not fail to make an explosive launch on Kapamilya Gold. The show’s opening scene showed a heart-stopping skirmish between JC (Ejay Falcon), who is an NBI agent, and Leo (Aljur Abrenica), who is a syndicate group leader. They came face to face against each other during the raid JC’s group had conducted.


The first clash

Since they were little, Aris (Aljur Abrenica) always felt like he has to beg for love and attention. Because of JC’s ill heart condition, he felt so insecure and thought that he had to compete over and over again with his brother. He felt unloved and unimportant, especially when their mother Joan (Cherry Pie Picache) chose to give him away. Their mother thought that it was the best thing to do to give Aris a better life, given that their family’s finances are often down because of JC’s medications. 

Although Aris actually became a wealthy man when he grew up, he had to go th0rough a lot of anguish just to get himself to where he is now. He had to literally fight for his own life as one of the many kids who were held captive by a syndicate group. Fortunately, he was able to win the heart of Cordelia (Vina Morales), the wife of the syndicate group leader named Ulysses (Gardo Versoza). With that, he became Cordelia and Ulysses’ son. Aris was given a new life and a new identity as Leo.

Meanwhile, JC continued to live his life with their parents. At first, he resented his parents for what they did to his twin brother Aris. Nevertheless, he still chose to be a good son and persevered to become like his policeman father Eugene (Ariel Rivera). JC got hired as an NBI agent who enforces what is lawful and righteous.

For many years, the two brothers lived peacefully as if they have moved on from everything that happened in the past. But not until JC crossed paths with his brother Aris, who is now living as Leo, one of the leaders of Ulysses’ syndicate groups.

As an undercover agent, JC got himself employed as one of the bodyguards in Leo’s hotel, one of the latter’s many businesses that he uses to cover up his illegal transactions. Working together, the two eventually got close. All is well until one night, Leo drove JC and his bestfriend Grace (Elisse Joson) home, Leo discovered the truth between him and JC. Despite the urges to burst out and confront his biological family, Leo managed to control himself and planned not to let JC and their family discover who he truly is.


The Blame Game

After discovering the truth, Leo convinced himself that JC and their parents were to blame for all the miseries he experienced growing up. With that, he vowed to make them pay and started by secretly attacking JC.

When he found out that JC and their parents were looking for him, Leo got more furious and bitter, thinking that it was already too late for his parents to do it. Piped up about the matter, he invited JC to go through a feisty sparring session with him at the gym.


The ferocious Leo

Eager to prove that he is much better than JC, Leo even asked his brother for a basketball match once. That time, Leo paid a visit to his then-girlfriend Grace, and was pissed when Grace’s younger brother told him that JC has an unmatched skill when it comes to playing basketball. Even though JC knew that Leo played dirty, he has let the latter win in their game.

On the other hand, Leo was almost pleased with his win until JC came to save a young boy from getting hit on the head by the basketball ring, which led everyone to celebrate JC’s heroism more than his victory in their game.


The basketball match

Through JC’s continuous hardwork, he's able to finally confirm that Leo indeed spearheads a dangerous syndicate group. Being able to infiltrate Leo’s businesses, JC and his team in the NBI conducted a raid on one of the hideouts of Leo’s group. Both leading their respective teams, the two brothers aggressively fought against each other. As a result, JC received a gunshot from Leo, who abandoned his brother after shooting him point blank.


The unacceptable truth

Being able to recover from the gunshot he unknowingly obtained from his brother, JC continued his work as an undercover agent, as well as his search for his brother. And after all of his investigations, he finally discovered that Leo is his long-lost brother named Aris. 

Immediately, the two brothers went on a rough confrontation with each other. They beat each other up while Leo was voicing out all the anguish he experienced and his hatred towards their family, and JC was insisting that they must go to their biological parents and tell them the truth.

With those teeth-clenching fights, our afternoons got hotter indeed because of the relentless rivalry between JC and Leo! Now that the truth is revealed, we are surely in for more exciting clashes between the them. 

Will the two brothers eventually come in peace together and unite with one principle? Find out the answers by watching Sandugo, weekdays on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold.