Most trending and intense acting showdowns of Aljur and Ejay

Our afternoon television viewing has definitely gone exhilarating and action-packed with the arrival of Sandugo on Kapamilya Gold in September 2019.

Since then, we've followed the journey of twin brothers JC (Ejay Falcon) and Aris (Aljur Abrenica) who got separated for a very long time because of the harrowing circumstances their family went through when they were still young and how their lives intertwined again in an unlikely situation.

Throughout the action-drama series' almost six-month run, we've witnessed how the aforementioned bankable actors impeccably portrayed their respective roles. And now that Sandugo is on its finale week, let's revisit the five most trending and scorching scenes wherein they wowed us with their fiery acting showdown via this Friday 5 feature!

Just on the pilot episode, they immediately treated us with a truly exceptional start as we watched their characters in a nail-biting encounter. JC and his fellow undercover agents in the government’s investigative bureau raided the illegal cyber prostitution den of the Balthazars managed by Leo, who, as we all know, is also Aris. They came face-to-face and had a breath-bating chase until Leo had the opportunity to shoot JC in his left shoulder with the gun handed to him by one of his henchman.

As the narrative continues to unfold, we witnessed how the siblings had a hostile relationship that worsened when they discovered about their real connection. Leo has been bitter towards JC and their and their parents Eugene (Ariel Rivera) and Joan (Cherry Pie Picache). They frequently engaged in scorching arguments, with JC persuading Leo to already forgive them for bringing him in the plight he had, to go back to their family, and to turn his back on Ulysses (Gardo Versoza) for he never treated him as his own son.

In their several encounters, they often threw themselves into fisticuffs not only when their spats got intense, but when Ulysses also challenged them to fight one another simply for entertainment.

But, arguably, their most remarkable showdown happened just recently -- when Leo confessed to Joan, JC, and their friends in Sitio Lahar about his involvement in the untimely death of Eugene. On that particular scene, the cast really astounded us with their dramatic chops, especially Aljur and Ejay who compelled us with their respective performances.

Now that their characters already reconciled, it's seemingly impossible for Ejay and Aljur to have an acting showdown anew. But we're certain that they're going to give us an unforgettable end by exuding their topnotch performance in the finale episode of Sandugo this Friday so you better not miss it!