KarJon kilig moments Andeng Marco inSandugo

From charming us with their unmistakable chemistry ever since their stint as housemates of the first teen batch of Pinoy Big Brother Otso and continuously thrilling us with their appearances together in various television programs and live shows, Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza further spread kilig vibes and exhibit their promising acting chops through their first-ever teleserye project Sandugo.

Portraying the roles of barrio lass Andeng and hardworking basketball varsity player Marco respectively, Karina and Aljon have indeed provided extra kilig and good vibes in the action-packed and drama-laden narrative.

It can be recalled that it was a case of love at first sight for them. They immediately got smitten with one another when her cousin Gwen (Reign Parani) introduced her to him, the brother of her Kuya Leo's (Aljur Abrenica) girlfriend Grace (Elisse Joson).

Harboring infatuation towards Marco, Andeng was apparently delighted to find out that he's going to the same school they were in for it would give her the opportunity to get closer to him and see him more often.

Their bond indeed got stronger in the long run as they eventually became friends. They've been each other's most trusted confidant, fervent supporter, dependable buddy, and constant shoulder to cry on in everything they did and went through in life.

Proving that was when Andeng brought him food and checked him out after the fire that devastated Sitio Lahar, as well as asking their friends and classmates for donations to help Marco and their community.

In return, Marco gladly offered her to stay in their abode after being ousted by her Aunt Cordelia (Vina Morales) from the mansion for quizzing Gwen about the happenings in their family and the case her parents were facing then. He did this despite still being mad with Cordelia over her involvement in the arson.

As a way of showing her gratitude to Marco and his family, she didn't simply thanked them verbally, but she also helped in household chores and in preparing food for the traditional salo-salo of their neighborhood.

Marco was also able to prove that he could be her knight-in-shining armor when he defended her against Cordelia when the latter furiously barged in their place to forcibly take her back and threw snide remarks to his mom as well. Besides, he and Nap (Ali Abinal) also brought them something to eat while they were in the midst of hiding.

And while she and Gwen were stuck in the house after the latter figured in a mishap, a phone call from Marco checking her out and impliedly asking her out on a date definitely made her blush and kilig!

We know they're still young but we couldn't help but anticipate for them to be together as Sandugo ends on Friday after Love Thy Woman in Kapamilya Gold.