REVIEW: Endearing Sana Dalawa Ang Puso finale truly captured our hearts

Certainly, a “heart-to-heart” finale we expected.

A culmination of the heartwarming journeys of twins we hold dear—Mona and Lisa, both played by Jodi Sta. Maria—and to the delight of everyone, they ended on a lovely note and captured our hearts

Mona got the wedding proposal she anticipated from Martin (Richard Yap), with all those telling signs fulfilled—though some were staged as admitted by the dashing romantic himself. Even so, the mere fact that they truly loved each other was more than any sign could give.

Lisa, on the other hand, was so pleased and happy to see two special men in her life getting along. Her dad Juancho (Christopher de Leon) and husband Leo (Robin Padilla) finally put their conflicts to rest after Leo thwarted his father-in-law’s suicide attempt and averting the latter getting run over by a speeding van. Juancho thanked Leo and apologized for making life difficult between him and Lisa. And Leo touchingly said that he and Lisa had long forgiven him.

Tads (Ylona Garcia) also found her true love. She discovered who was behind the heartfelt postcards she was receiving. And that was Patrick (Markus Paterson), a kilig discovery that sent hearts a-flutter.

Then we witness yet another delightful turn.

As Mona and Lisa both give birth at the same time, with Leo and Martin by their sides respectively, they happily welcome two pairs of twins!

Indeed, an ending of pure bliss.

Jodi remained exemplary in her portrayal of the dual roles that are identical yet disparate, personality wise. She still drew a very clear line between both characters and viewers could clearly distinguish one from the other—even if they looked totally the same in the end with matching hairdo and outfit.

Richard and Robin were so endearing and they really made the series conclusion enjoyable and fun to watch. Ylona and Markus showed promise as an onscreen pair with their natural and thrilling chemistry apart from their exceptional acting individually.

But definitely, Christopher de Leon showed how much of a legend he is in the acting craft by pulling off a gripping portrayal of the dejected Juancho ready to take his own life, yet realized his mistake and was appreciative of those who “saved his life.” We saw the intensity of his depiction and felt the pent up emotions and frustrations he felt leading to his character’s suicide try even if he didn’t say a single word.