Strangers to sisters: Mona and Lisa’s journey to discovering they are twins on Sana Dalawa Ang Puso

According to research, seven people around the globe look exactly like us. And Sana Dalawa Ang Puso’s Mona and Lisa (both portrayed by Jodi Sta. Maria) found one of their dopplegangers when the universe let their paths cross.

However, as their story unfolded, the secret behind their identities were finally unraveled when they did not only share the same face because of pure coincidence, but also because they are actually long-lost twins!

As the series we devotedly watched every morning reaches its exciting and heartwarming conclusion, let’s reminisce how they unexpectedly found their way back to each other’s arms.

How they met

Just when Lisa thought that it was another ordinary hump day for her, she was totally wrong. As she was attending to an important call while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, a gasping woman who looked precisely like her suddenly showed up on one of her car’s windows and immediately ran again.

They met once again by chance outside a bar when Mona fell unconscious after being drugged by a certain Mr. Chua and Lisa was fortunately there coincidentally. She took her with them and brought her to the hospital.

Stunned by seeing Lisa infront of her upon waking up, Mona funnily assumed that she was already dead and her doppleganger was her guardian angel. They formally introduced themselves to one another afterwards, with Mona insisting to pay her savior back in any way she wanted.

How one assumed the identity of the other

Since she was struggling to escape from her arranged marriage with the son of their company’s rival Martin Co (Richard Yap), Lisa thought of hiring Mona to take on her shoes for two weeks while she was attending on some important business matters.

At first, Mona was hesitant because impersonation is a task that she’s not really good at. But their family’s dire need of money pushed her to accept Lisa’s special job offer in exchange of a whopping monetary reward.

Upon agreeing to their arrangement and signing the contract, Mona’s painstaking makeover and intensive training to become Lisa finally rolled off.

Although Mona experienced a lot of difficulties and instances of almost being caught, she was able to resolve those and accomplish her mission of making the people in Lisa’s life believe that she is indeed her, including the fiancé, Martin.

As Martin and Mona almost exchanged “I dos”, Lisa suddenly showed up on their wedding day and revealed that everything was a lie and just a part of the deception game she staged just to make her dad Juancho (Christopher de Leon) realize that the betrothal between their families is not the solution to their problem.

How they became the best of friends

From having a mere boss and client relationship, they apparently became the best of friends eventually. Attesting to that was when Lisa first broke the news of her marriage to Leo (Robin Padilla) to Mona, even though their deal was already over by that time.

In return, Lisa used to become one of Mona’s go-to person everytime something happened between her and Martin.

In the end, everything turned out well in their respective romantic lives and they both have happy hearts!

Just like any other relationships, their friendship underwent challenges as well, after it was marred with Lisa’s jealousy and wrong judgment over the real deal between Mona and Leo. But, it was later on explained to her that everything was a part of their mission to seize the syndicates they’re after as secret agents of Dagitab.

How they found out they are twin sisters

This perilous mission also ensued to the revelation of their real identities, as Sandra (Irma Adlawan) confessed that she’s their biological mother and she had to give them away in order to spare them from her misfortunes.

Although it was hard for the sisters to process everything, especially for Lisa, they eventually accepted Sandra and began to make up for the times they missed being together as a family.

For their last hurrah, Mona and Lisa once again exchanged identities in order to trick their beaus. But this time, it’s Lisa’s turn to study Mona’s antics, expressions, behavior, and style.

And once again, they succeeded!

Now that Lisa has attained her “One Time Big Time” love with Leo, will Mona finally give her hand to Martin and accept his marriage proposal? Let’s find out on the Heart 2 Heart Finale of Sana Dalawa Ang Puso before It’s Showtime.