How Martin shows his unconditional love to Lisa in Sana Dalawa Ang Puso



At least once in our lives, it’s presumably inevitable to experience loving someone unconditionally – or showing affection and compassion towards others without getting reciprocated. Thus, many people could certainly relate to the plight of our distressed gentleman Martin Co (Richard Yap), especially the young ones.


He’s been truly in love with his fiancée Lisa (Jodi Sta. Maria) ever since, but it seems that she hasn’t receive the signals yet as she keeps on pushing him away and giving him cold treatment. In spite of her scornful behavior towards him, he continues to be passionate, patient, and understanding to her in the hopes that she’ll finally give in.


However, it appears that there’s no glint of chance that she would, especially now that she has found bliss in another man’s company which shattered his heart and made him realize that he’s the only one making her miserable. So he decided to give the ultimate expression of his unconditional love—by setting her free.


During his heart-to-heart talk with his dependable driver Oyo (Bayani Agbayani), Martin imparted his realizations on loving Lisa unconditionally:


“Hindi fairytale ang buhay. May mga oras na dapat marunong kang umintindi na may mga bagay na hindi para sa'yo; marunong kang kumilatis at sabihing ‘tama na, tigilan na 'yan, mag-focus na lang sa importante’. Kailangang tanggapin mo ang kalagayan mo. Nakakatakot, pero kailangang harapin mo kaysa naman lagi kang in denial at takas nang takas sa katotohanan.”


It’s painful to love, especially if you’re anticipating for it to be returned with the same amount you’ve given, like what most of us do. But keep in mind that we should not always expect; just continue loving because the true meaning of love is wholeheartedly accepting the flaws and negative sides of others and even wishing for their happiness although you’re not part of it.


And that’s the real spirit of the Lenten season.