Leo and Lisa’s inspiring love story in Sana Dalawa ang Puso

Leo (Robin Padilla) and Lisa’s (Jodi Sta. Maria) love story is truly inspiring. While they had a rough start, they came to know and eventually love each other as they fought for each other through thick and thin. From enemies to husband and wife, Leo and Lisa’s love journey is really something else! Here’s how it went.

Shaky beginnings

It was an awkward, hilarious first meeting. It then led to another unsavory meeting when Lisa accused Leo of something he hasn’t the faintest idea of.

Even though Leo already is starting to fall for her, he had to swear on his family’s honor that Lisa’s accusations aren’t true. And when Lisa found out Leo was innocent, she apologized and agreed to “work” for Leo to make up for her gaffe.

But the job Leo gave her was simple: be his family’s household help.

As expected, it always turned out chaotic. When there seemed no sign that they would ever come to terms, it came to a point that Lisa called it quits and Leo consented.

Fate brings them together

Although they agreed to never talk to each other again, fate still kept on bringing them together. Sharing the same workplace, Leo and Lisa naturally bump into each other often. And as destiny would have it, they happened to meet at the company rooftop by chance and even more foreboding get trapped as heavy rain fell.

It was the perfect time to “bury the hatchet”, as both started to lighten up with Leo even giving a comforting shoulder, not to mention a ready handkerchief to ease Lisa’s bout with a sudden cold.

Since then, their friendship began. Leo was always there for Lisa, especially in her lowest moments, and he eventually made her happy. Lisa then started to appreciate Leo’s kindness and sweetness. Of course, Leo inviting Lisa out for a date was not surprising.

Love grows

After those tender moments together, Leo’s relationship with Lisa developed, and it came to a point that he finally professed his love for her.

Leo had since protected the woman he loves at all costs, even saving her life. Lisa took this to heart, and then expressed how much she loves him too.

For Leo, she sacrificed her career and favorable ties with her father Juancho. But it was worth it since she chose to be happy with the man she loves.

Tying the knot

Leo and Lisa fought for their love no matter what. As Leo couldn’t get Juancho’s favor, Lisa would always defend him against her father’s hostility.

As their love grew stronger and Leo was touched and satisfied with Lisa’s love for him, he did the most plausible act: popping the question!

Then she happily said yes, then finally exchanging vows in a momentous wedding.

Although their problems didn’t end after their marriage, they would cling on to each other all the time. In good times and bad, nothing would keep them apart.

Indeed, Leo and Lisa’s inspiring love story is something we would wish to have in our lives. Catch the culmination of their undying love in the final episodes of Sana Dalawa Ang Puso, all this week before It’s Showtime.