Mona and Lisa show the Lenten value of sacrifice in Sana Dalawa Ang Puso


Our mornings have been more enjoyable as we follow the completely different lives of the gumptious, simple lass Mona Bulalayao and the downcast company heiress Lisa Laureano, both effectively portrayed by seasoned actress Jodi Sta. Maria, and how their paths crossed one momentous night in Sana Dalawa Ang Puso.


However, this daytime series doesn’t only bring fun and thrill as each episode also leaves an important lesson to the viewers that we should ponder on, especially this Lenten season- it’s not only change that is constant in this world, but sacrifice as well.


Here’s how both Mona and Lisa exude this value of selflessness.



In times of distress, we tend to rely on the most accessible and fastest solution and don’t even mind what the repercussions could be.


As their financial problems continue to pile up after her Mangs Lena (Alma Moreno) got in trouble with her fellow contestant in a pageant, Mona was forced to accept the special job offered by Lisa, which requires her to take her place.


Taking on the mission is truly painstaking and difficult since she needs to completely copy her new boss in terms of personality, style, and gestures, which are far from her simple and boyish demeanor.


Apart from this challenge, she also have to stay away from her parents and keep this a secret until it is done. With their family’s very close ties, it surely added weight to the struggle Mona has to endure.


But in order for her to provide the comfortable life she wants for the all of them, our palabang bida would certainly nail it and bring home the whopping cash prize!


Unlike her doppleganger, Lisa was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She has the affluent life everyone’s been dreaming of, but instead of being happy, this made her more depressed instead.


Everything’s fine, except her domineering dad Juancho’s (Christopher de Leon) intermeddling with her whole life, particularly in the romantic department. He wants her to get hitched to the unico hijo of his bestfriend-turned-business rival Martin Co (Richard Yap) and even fixed their marriage.


Her fiancé is undeniably a good man, but she has no love for him even a bit. However, her huge love for her father, to whom her world has revolved ever since, pushed our protagonist to set aside her own interests and ambitions in order to please and not lose him.


She would be willing to give up her freedom to have a happily ever after with the man she truly admires for the most important person in her life.