Kilig Times Two With Sana Dalawa ang Puso!

Twice the beauty, twice the problems and twice the kilig! That’s the perfect way of describing the pilot of the newest prime tanghali treat, Sana Dalawa Ang Puso starring Robin Padilla, Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria!

Just to give you some hints on what you missed on the pilot week, Mona (Jodi), a bet collector, met the good-looking Martin (Richard), who is the son of  Juancho (Buboy Garovillo), a rich businessman who has a long-time agreement with his bestfriend Miguel (Christopher de Leon) which is to resume Martin’s engagement with his daughter, Lisa (Jodi), who also met the astig Leo (Robin) and save her from men who tried to abduct her.


Jodi really showed her versatility when it comes to portraying two different characters! 

And honestly, Mona can’t hide her beauty behind that boyish look for long, especially now that she already met Martin! 

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But the two most important things to contemplate right now is Robin’s astig kilig and Richard’s dapper darling look!


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Sylvia Sanchez, Jodi’s mom on their previous hit serye, Be Careful With My Heart tweeted her happiness now that the King and Queen of the PrimeTanghali are back! 




Janella Salvador, Richard’s daughter in Be Careful With My Heart showed also her support for her “parents”!


Netizens also can’t contain their kilig and excitement now that Jodi and Richard are together again in a teleserye